Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Should have taken my sisters advice. . .

My older sister (and pro at finding deals) sent me an email last Friday. It was for the ebay-deal-of-the-day. What was this most fabulous deal?? A hairdryer, full size, for $5 including shipping!! Yes, that was a deal. BUT, I already have two hairdryers. Didn't need another one. Ours worked great. Good deal, but didn't need it.
Until a week later.
Murphy's Law.
I was innocently drying my hair when all of a sudden, smoke started puffing and sparks started flying out of the back of my working-so-good hairdryer. Not only did my hairdryer basically explode, it also ruined the outlets in my bathroom. Now none of the plugs in my bathroom works. And now I share my daughter's hairdryer.
So, big sister, next time I will listen. And I will get the deal-of-the-day. Even if I don't need it. Because if I would have bought that hairdryer, chances are, my hairdryer wouldn't have even broke. That's how Murphy's Law works anyway, right??

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larajanepark said...

You crack me up. And I love you. So much! xoxoxoxoxoxbig sister lara