Thursday, October 29, 2009

silly crazy family pictures

The Call Family. After a fun night of carving pumpkins.
This may be the Christmas card. ha.
Act surprised if it shows up in your mailbox mid december. :)
Spencer is 15 and legal to drive with an adult.
Erin is getting taller daily, and is almost a teenager(11 more days)
Zac is 6 and Grace is 9.
Lex is, in one more week, 18 years old.
And that makes me and Jeremy. Old.
Gramma, thanks for the fun times!!

Can you say BEAUTIFUL?
(zac, I must say, looks like a little goof in this pic!)
The one-eyed brother with the hot girls!!

Me and my mama. Notice my long pants and sweatshirt, and her shorts and short-sleeve shirt? It was nice here, but not warm enough for shorts for me! Gram was lovin' it. She kept on saying, "this is summer weather in Washington!" So funny!!

A quick Halloween preview! The youth from our church put on a FABULOUS Halloween party with tons of booths, prizes, treats, and tricks. Erin threw her costume together last minute out of the dress up box. Ashlynn is my 6th child and darling princess. Zac was a Star Wars character....unfortunately I do not like Star Wars at all and therefore do not know the name of who he is. Grace is the happy, kind witch. And Lex threw together a Princess.
Gracie, you are ADORABLE!!!!
Zac, you have a most awesome costume!
Spencer went straight from his Basketball work out right up to the Halloween party. So let's just say he dressed up as a basketball player. He's a hard guy to catch at home. I'll try to get more pictures of him!! :)
And that's the early Halloween preview 2009!!

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larajanepark said...

super cute!! Love that Lex is wearing the princess hat that she wore when she was LITTLE!! Everyone looks fabulous!
I LOVE YOU xxxlara