Thursday, October 29, 2009

hAlLoWeEn FuN

SpEnCeR, zAc, ErIn, AlExA, gRaCe
i LoVe yOuR pUmPkInS!

Monday night is Family Night! We all spend the evening together, with a family lesson, chatting about the upcoming week, playing some fun games and eating treats. Yum! Gramma was in charge of choosing the activity and despite all the great ideas that were whispered to her throughout the day (hide and seek, freeze tag, jumping on the tramp, card games, hide in the dark tag, and many other fun games...) she decided to CaRvE pUmPkInS! What a fun night this was! She also made yummy Rice Krispy treats for dessert. We wish Gram was here for every Family Night!! :)
Seriously, this was so cute! Look at Zac's tongue sticking out as he is concentrating! He actually carved his entire pumpkin all by himself.....and boy, was he PROUD!!

Spenc diggin' out the pumpkin guts.

Can you say dramatic?? Erin and Lex.

Gramma our sweet little pumpkin head. :)

The very PROUD 6 year old! He specifically didn't want all of the "goop" out of the inside of his pumpkin. He wanted it in there so it would be more "scary".

Very SWEET pumpkin, Spenc!
Gracie and her cute pumpkin. I was the official "scoop the guts out" please, mom and she did most of the rest.
More artistic endeavors! Lookin' good Lex.
Erin we LOVE you! Your pumpkin is HoT!

GRAM, thanks for picking such a great ACTIVITY!!
Now, you just have to come back soon!

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larajanepark said...

Family night is my FAVORITE at your house!!
These are the loveliest jack o lanterns I have seen!