Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gramma Cindy came to visit!

Cynthia Lynn Sharkey Wittler
otherwise know as
Gram, Gramma, & Gramma-moo
We were soooooooooooooooooo lucky to have her here for a week!
And I am sooooooooooooooo lucky to be her daughter,
she is GORGEOUS!!!

Me and my handsome hon watching our millionth game of the day!

Gram, Gracie and Lex

We always love it when Gram comes. She is so fun-loving, silly, happy, and energenic...she puts us all to shame! The Saturday she was here was our busiest day ever! We went to Zac's soccer game, then Gracies soccer game, squeezed in a quick lunch at Cafe Rio, then met Jeremy at Erin's Volleyball games (nine games...we only stayed for one!) Then me, Lex and Gram left the little ones with Jeremy while we went out for "girl afternoon". We went to the "What Women Want" expo. SOOOOOO fun! Got lots of great ideas, wandered about and enjoyed the free Creamies they were giving out. (Can't believe that was the first time Gram had ever had one!) Then we hit up a few of our most favorite little shops along the Boulevard...didn't spend much except a lot of time together laughing and enjoyiong being silly....since it runs in the family.....deep!!!
Me with my handsome 6 year old.
Zac was cracking us up eating this lime at Cafe Rio.

Grace and Lex trying to keep entertained at Erin's volleyball game.

One of our most favorite stores in all of St. George is Urban Renewal. This is me with my mama, sittin' all comfy in a big chair at the exit of this store.....waiting for Lex. She can out shop us all!!
We had a super fun, busy, girl day....and can't wait for Gram to come again!

Me (along with my double chin, thank you) and my beautiful mother! Love you mom!

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larajanepark said...

I, unfortunately, had to work every single day gram was at our house, so I only have 3 measly pictures of her. But I will blog about our visit too. When I get my internet back. At my house. It apparently got lost. I can't find it. VERY SAD.
love you sister xxxxlara