Wednesday, September 30, 2009

homecoming 2009

homecoming 2009

this was Lex's last homecoming for high school! for dances here, the big thing is fun "day dates", then hurry home and get ready for dinner and the dance. her day date was busy! it was an amazing race, consisting of 10 couples. this race included: making picnic lunches at one house, making boutineers and coursages at another house, doing this awesome zip-line and then repelling down the rest of the mountain, eating their picnic lunches, a race of sorts in town and swimming. it was the ultra date! lex said it could have easily been four different dates! then it was home to get ready, take silly pictures with her mom and sister, attempt to stick her date while she pinned on his boutineer, head out to dinner & pictures, and then to dance the night away. . . . her most favorite part. She looked beautiful, as usual. I am seriously so blessed to be called her mom!!

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. . . . .

gracie girl admiring her big sister!

Lex borrowed this cute, chocolate brown dress from a friend and spiced it up with the darling brown zebra striped sash. so cute!

our neighbor, lisa, came over (she's alexa's second mom...she doesn't have any kids, so she willingly adopts ours...she bought lex's shoes and earrings for homecoming this year!). anyway, she came over with all of her jewels. she has a ton! here is a picture of lex with her 20k diamond engagement ring on. ha! lisa told her to wear it to the dance. lex said no way!!! she didn't want to take a chance loosing that one!!!

hahahahahaha, so for all of these dances, I am behind the camera, letting Lex fend for herself to get that boutineer pinned on right. well, lisa was still over and watching lex stuggle to get it right, so she stepped right in and pinned it on! hahahaha, lex didn't mind one bit!! wonder what Kyle was thinking about then???
Kyle and Lex

Klye and Lex and some of the rest of their group at dinner.

Alexa and Kiana

Kenzie, Kiana and Lex. . . . . . . .so cute!!!

. . . . . . .and this is what she does when she gets home. "Come on mom, come hear my stories and watch Gilmore Girls with me." Needless to say, she doesn't have to plead but for more than a few seconds. It makes for a long day after little sleep, but so worth it.

Just call us Loreli and Rory.

*p.s. for those wondering.....kyle is just a friend to alexa :)

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Alexa Marie said...

oooooooooooooooooooh mom. slash loralie. i do love these photos. haha.