Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Spencer!

Happy Birthday 15th Spencer!

Spencer had this fabulous idea for his birthday. "Mom, can I please ditch my Algebra 2 class and go take the test for my drivers permit instead?" Being the sucker that I am.....I said yes. So off we went on Monday morning. Skipping the algebra test for a different kind of test. The lady told Spenc not to worry if he didn't pass, most people take 2 or 3 times before they pass. He headed back to take the test. After awhile, I saw him get up and head to the testing lady. He didn't look over at first. Then he turned around, looking right at me grinned the biggest grin ever, gave me a thumbs up, and mouthed the words: I PASSED! It was a great birthday present! If you're wondering if he got to drive home, the answer is no. We always start out our newly-permitted drivers in an empty parking lot!

After getting back to school mid-morning with the coveted drivers permit.....Spencer was soon called to the office. Someone had dropped off this lovely birthday crown. The note instructed him to wear it all day.

What's your guess? Did the freshman in high school wear the Happy Birthday crown all day?
If you guessed yes, then you are right! He was sang to in 3 of his classes and caught the attention of many cute girls. (but I don't think it was the crown that did that!)

It was a great day! We had a fun family party.
The picture with Zac turned out a bit dark but it was so cute, I couldn't stand not to post it! Everyone is always so excited and happy when there is a birthday around here!

Here's a few fun facts about Spencer: He is so super excited to have his permit. I think that getting this was better than any gift that he got! He is a great student. He is awesome at procrastinating, but he always seems to get his assignments done on time. He loves to play basketball. High school try-outs are at the end of October. He is in some heavy duty training sessions right now. His very best friend is Brenden and has been since kindergarten. He has lots of friends that are girls......which I'll take a guess that he likes. He is Mr. Super Eat Healthy. The kid has never had a piece of candy in his life (can he actually be related to me??). He loves fruits and vegetables. Is it any wonder his favorite drink is V-8? (yuck, I might add...) He is on his way to receiving his Eagle Scout award. For those of you who don't know, the Eagle is the highest award you can receive as a Scout. It is not easy to achieve (it is an 80 hour project to benefit the community in some way). He is a pretty amazing kid. Very polite and has a great sense of humor. We are lucky to have him in our family and are sooooooooo thankful for him (except we could do without the teasing.....he's pretty good at that, too!)

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Jeni said...

Wonderful. Simply wonderful. What a great kid!