Saturday, September 12, 2009


I was driving Grace and Zac to their first soccer games of the season today.
We happened to drive by a cemetery on our way.
There was a funeral going on.
Grace said sweetly, "Look mom, they're having a FAREWELL."
Perfectly said by a sweet 9 year old.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this.....
When a 19 year old young man is ready to leave to serve a two year mission,
the Sunday before he leaves, he speaks in church. He shares his thoughts and testimony.
Friends and family gather.
This day is called his FAREWELL.
A good bye of sorts, but knowing that they will see him again when his service is over.
So, in a sense, FUNERALS should actually be called FAREWELLS.
It is a good bye of sorts, but knowing that we will see them again.
One day.
Because families are forever.
So, next time you find yourself at a funeral.
Just think.
It is just a FAREWELL.
Til' we meet again.

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The Skinners said...

i love love love this. perfectly said is right.