Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lex is a Senior

The day has come. She is a Senior. And she is a true senior. She is never home! She is the President of FCCLA, on the Key Club Committee and the head photographer & editor of the Yearbook. Add to that her job.....teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding, and that kid occasionally stops by for food and a little sleep!

I think this is actually a good step for me. You see, me and Lex are pretty good friends. We are silly and crazy and talk til' all hours of the night. Her being gone so much is easing the pain that will come all too soon when she heads to college. I'm going to miss that kid! But this is making that transition easier. Dang! Why do they have to grow up so fast???

She was asked to be the Senior Rep from her High School and have her Senior pictures done. The photographer was so awesome! We explored and found some pretty great places to take pictures. Needless to say, the pictures turned out beautiful. Alexa LOVES taking pictures, so having hers done was a real treat!
Go Warriors!!
I love the COLORS!

Really, do they get any cuter??

Lex found this old chair at the place we were at and plopped right down in it. Poof! A big ball of dust filled the air as she sat down, and her jeans were covered in dust! But it made for a great prop!

Alexa Marie Call

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