Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fun and easy decorating IDEA!!

A Wall in my Bedroom that I LOVE!!!
Alexa found this idea somewhere and we decided to do it on the wall in my bedroom (you will soon figure out that 'we' usually means me and Alexa. We seem to be crime). It is way easy with awesome results. First off choose your pictures. I would do either 9 or 16 if you want a square. If you choose to arrange your pictures a different way, just decide how many pictures you need. I ended up developing about 11 pictures so I could choose which ones I really liked the best! Send them via email to Have them developed as 12x12 pictures. (you can even do black and white) I think they are about $2 each to develop. I forgot!! At Staples or Michaels, purchase foam board (it's like poster board about 1/4 inch thick). We ended up using about a sheet and a half of black foam board. Spray glue is another thing you may want to buy. It helps the pictures get put on smoothly. Anyway, spray the back of a picture. Mount it on the foam board. Using an exacto-knife, a cutting board and a straight edge (even a ruler will do), trim the edges of the foam board off.
To mount on the walls, use sticky back velcro. (really!) Put a 1 inch piece at the top and bottom of your mounted photo. Measure on the wall where to put your first piece of velcro. (yes, you put velcro on the wall). Then do the second piece. Peel off the paper on the velcro and PRESTO, push it firmly on the wall.
With our Cricket machine Lex printed out the "families are forever" and mounted that on the wall as well. It was a super fun night, it was all done in under an hour and I LOVE looking at this wall!!! I am working on one for our living room as well. It is much easier and cheaper, I think, than frames. And pretty unique as well!!


larajanepark said... that's how you did it. Very clever girlies!

The Skinners said...

i am totally going to do this in my next house (hopefully its a house and NOT an apartment!). it looks awesome and i bet alexa took most of the pictures. your family is so photogenic. SO CUTE!

Jeni said...

What a cool idea! I might try it if I can find where to buy the stuff here. Thanks!

Lynda said...

I love the picture wall, if I wasn't trying to sell this house I would so do this! I thought it would be fun to do one with kids art too! In the next house.
I smiled at the beginning of school pic's. the girls all look so cute and surely planned their outfits... and the boys nothing better than a shirt and shorts! I love boys for that reason so, so easy