Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to School and other fun times

First day of HIGH SCHOOL for Spenc, the big 9th grader
(and not too photogenic here...must be way, way, way too early!)
Alexa, Senior this year. Ahhh!!!

Erin. The big, tall 7th grader. So cute!

Fourth grader Grace

And last, but not least. The Hot Shot Kindergardener - Zac!!
Look at that SMILE! He loves going to school.
And for those of you who really know Zac, this is a great thing!!!

Popsicles on the tramp on a hot summer day are the best.

Daddy! We love you!!!!
(ok. I'm pretty certain the little kids took this picture after they did Jeremy's hair....hairspray, clippies, bows and anything else they could manage. He's such a good sport!)

Crazy teenager girls and boys at high school football games.
Yes, that is Alexa, far left, yellow shirt, blue headband and stylin' hair-do.
When you are very is beneficial to have a strong younger brother who can lift you up to get the cooked spaghetti off of the ceiling that you threw up there the week previous.

Senior girls like to invite senior boys for breakfast after football games and then surprise them with chick-flicks like: Breakfast at Tiffany's....while eating breakfast. Lex & Kiana.
* * * * * *
Life is good
(this post should be before the kids' birthday post. but since I'm just catching up it will just have to be this way! These back to school events are early August!!)


larajanepark said...

You always make me laugh! And that's a good shot of Jeremy you know... last man standing. I just love that guy.

The Skinners said...

oh i just love your family! except it makes me feel really old knowing that alexa is a senior and spencer is in high school. where has the time gone? i don't know about the whole warriors thing though... REDMAN PRIDE!!! :)