Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birthday fun!

These are my two birthday kids.
They both have the same birthday: August 28th.
No, it was not planned this way.
Grace was born a week early and Zac was born a day late.
This is my story: They were supposed to be twins. But someone up there knew better. He knew there was no way I could handle two babies at once. So, Zac graciously said to his sister, "You go first. I'll meet you down there soon." And three years to the day, just after midnight, Zac arrived. Separated once, but buddies forever.
* * * * * * *
This year is "family birthday" year. Every other year we have "friend parties". Grace and Zac decided together what they wanted for their birthday breakfast (cinnamon rolls...yum), dinner (navajo tacos....double yum) and what to do. (I have realized that they happily plan their day together and have yet to say "why can't we have our own day like everyone else gets?" They decide everything together so that they both LOVE the day. One day they may look back and feel a little gypped. But until then, we celebrate them both together...happy as can be!!!) They decided to go camping to the lake as a family. And I'll tell you. Most teenagers would complain, "What? A family campout on a Friday night?" But not these guys. They were excited to go hang out with their birthday brother and sister. We all had a great time being so silly. Grace and Zac opened presents before we left so everything wouldn't get so sandy. Then it was off to the lake!
You can just year the laughter coming from Grace!

Wait. Sitting around the campfire. With your cell phone???
Oh ya. Just checking messages. ha ha

What is it with boys and fire? Zac and his "birthday candle".
**For those of you unfamiliar with Southern Utah, take note of the "red sand". The dirt and sand here is all red. It does not, I repeat, does not come out of white socks. At all.
We are completely use to it. It is beautiful! But when we have visitors, they are in awe of the red dirt we garden in, the red sand at the lake and the beautiful red rocks that surround us.
Make a wish and blow HARD!
We brought cupcakes for dessert. Much easier to eat camping.

Lex and Erin. Being silly for the camera. Late at night.

Erin, Spencer and Grace....skimboarding. On the red sand!

Tubing anyone?? haha
We love you sooooooooooo much!!


larajanepark said...

Nemo tubing, that is....Yes happy birthday to Graciebell and Zac from aunt lara and the girls (and Si). We love you soooo much! Thanks for sharing the pictures mama.

The Skinners said...

first of all, i loved your last post. THANK YOU! you and your family have been one of THE best supports through all of this. it has made all the difference.

second, i love your family. and i think i've only met some of your kids like twice. but you have so much fun together. it makes me excited for my kids to get older. hopefully they'll be excited to spend a friday night camping with the fam as well!