Wednesday, August 12, 2009


it's that time of year.
the first day of school.
which only means one thing at our house
hot, yummy homemade CINNAMON ROLLS for breakfast.
tell me who can start a new year at school without a cinnamon roll?
they are rising as I type.
the kids keep on coming in the kitchen.
Mom! We don't want to start school, but we sure want cinnamon rolls!
Morning will be nice.
A bit of excitement mixed in with some nervousness.
The sweet smell of hot frosted cinnamon rolls.
Sitting on the counter, next to the box of kleenex.
For me.
I am the biggest baby on the first day of school.
I hide it well. But when they are all off to their new
adventures the tears flow.
I miss my kids. I love each of them so dearly.
I am a nutty mom who dreads the first day of school.
more than they do.
cinnamon rolls make the day a little bit easier for us all.


Lynda said...

Cute post, it so reminds me of something that could've been written for the magazine called Seeing the Everyday, have you heard of it? Anyway, wish I was a Call kid on the first day of school!

Amy said...

no i haven't heard of it! It sounds cute though. We survivied the first day of school. And the second day. It's hard getting use to a quiet house, but as you know, there is always plenty to do while they are gone. Good luck on your back to school week Lynda!!! :)