Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maybe I would want to be a teenager again. . .

Alexa loves taking pictures. Here are but a few of the over 500 pictures she took on what looks like an incredibly awesome trip to Hawaii with her dear friend, Kiana!! It just so happened that two boys from our neighborhood were going to Hawaii, same island, about the same days for their Senior trip. Don't worry, there were parents involved!!

Dalton, Brayden, Kiana and Lex

Sea turtles on the beach! So amazing!

Oh so fun hanging out together. Lex, Dalton, Brayden and Kiana. Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Yeah for snorkeling. Except Lex said that her mask was feeling pretty tight all day long. So instead of loosening it up, she left it tight. Which resulted in a bruise across the top of her forehead, in a straight line for the next several days. Silly girl!!

Beach Beauties!

Ah to be a teenager again. So carefree!

Hanging out at the Dole Plantation. Apparently the pineapple ice cream was to die for! Yum!

And somehow, I can picture these two girls as 80 year old's in these same hats hanging out on the beach together in Hawaii reminiscing about old times.....

Kiana and Alexa * Hawaii 2009


larajanepark said...

Oh, now for a trip like that, I might consider being a teenager looks like they had a FABULOUS TIME!!!

The Skinners said...

it looks like you girls had a blast! amy - i'm impressed that you let her go all by herself! she must be very responsible. :) cute pictures alexa!