Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh to be almost 18 years old again. . .

Aloha from the Hawaii girls.

Lex and Kiana left last night on the red-eye flight out of Las Vegas. Besides freezing on the entire flight (these two girls are ALWAYS cold!), they arrived safely in Honolulu early this morning.

What fun adventures await them.

The beach, boogie boarding, Pearl Harbor, lounging around and reading, finding shells..or was that cute guys??, the Polynesian Cultural Center, BYU Hawaii, the Hawaii Temple, the flea market and just being teenagers.

Ah, ten days in paradise.
Oh to be a teenager again.
Sometimes it sounds so tempting.
Then again, it's nice we all survived.

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The Skinners said...

ok, i LOVE your cute blog! you have a diligent reader here so keep on updating. oh, and how about alexa designs a header for MY blog? i have no idea how and yours is so cute. i could pay her.... think about it. :) it's good to see what you guys are up to and everyone is as cute as ever.