Friday, July 17, 2009

hot hot hot

It's here. The hot, hot southern Utah summer heat.
110 degrees HOT. Miserable, melting-like weather.
Swimming helps. A lot.

Erin didn't swim with us this day, because she had a
swim meet that night and didn't want to get worn out.
(good thing, because at that swim meet she qualified
in another event for the Junior Olympics!!)

And Spencer, not by choice, was READING. He has a LONG list of books to read this summer from his honors english teacher. Let's just say that he has about 100 pages to read each day until school starts. I think we asked him to come swim with us, but he was snoring too loud and didn't hear us. Asleep. Book in hand.

NBA anyone? Zac, 5 years old.
Swimming and basketball together=Sweetness!

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larajanepark said...

Love the pictures! Zac does look like a mini NBA star. And kudos to you for updating your blog ALL BY YOURSELF! Love you sister xxxxlara