Sunday, July 12, 2009

the OFFICIAL call family blog

Thanks to Alexa, the Call family now has it's very OWN blog. Lovely. Now that means we have to keep it updated. With news. Information. Pictures. And the happenings of US. With that, I will let Alexa add a few words....

So once upon a time. We/I created this lovely blog. And it's looking a little plain. So I think I'll just add some pictures. . . with my mom's comments. . . .
The BEST friends...on girls night OUT. with chocolate milkshakes...and park BENCHES...trying their BEST to stay out of trouble. Like mother, like daughter. Lex is amazingly smart, talented and beautiful! Many, many BOYS hang around our house. DAILY. Alexa will be a SENIOR in High School this year, which makes me.......ummmm....old. Enough said. What a stud. The hero
of the family. Boy do we ever LOVE this guy!!

Mr. tease. Spencer Call. Almost 15 years old. Freshman in
High School. Soon to have his drivers permit. Loves
animation. Also an AMAZING, (did I say amazing?)
BASKETBALL player. Great team player and hard worker.
Soon to be Eagle Scout, thanks to his superman scoutmaster
Dad and his mom who won't let him forget what he needs
to get done next.

Erin. Soon to be a big time 7th grader. Also takes after her
daddy. She is a real fish! She just made the Junior Olympic
time for her breaststroke and is just one one-hundreth of
a second off for freestyle. She always has a smile on her
face and is soooooooooo helpful and kind to everyone,
especially our neighbors who have small children. Amazing!

GRACIE GIRL!!! Miss 4th grade, soon to be NINE years old. Grace and Zac share the SAME birthday in August. My story is that they were supposed to be TWINS. But someone knew I could NOT handle two babies at once. So, ZAC willingly said, "Grace, you go first". So she did. And 3 years later, to the day, he arrived. Buddies. Forever.

Zac. Who so patiently puts up with his big sisters many, MANY photoshoots. Lex LOVES (this is an understatement)taking pictures. Many, many pictures. Zac willingly agrees, as long as the bribe is good enough. ha. He will also be a BIG time kindergartener. And yes, he is the baby of the family.

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larajanepark said...

I just love you sister! Kisses to all my favorite Call Kids from Aunt Lara. POST MORE PICTURES!