Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 in a nutshell so far...(January - April)

Wow, what happened to the first half of 2015?
It has gone by crazy fast.
Elder Call will be home in 11 days!! Eleven I tell you!!
That's how fast time is flying.
But serious, who doesn't blog or keep updated for 4 months??!!
Me {but Spenc's mission blog is up to date!}
So here it goes. Photos galore.
Cause photos speak a thousand words. Or more.
 Watching this kid, #18, play totally reminds me of Spenc!
 Happy visitors!
 Erin Estella drew a picture of her Great, great Grandma,
Erma Estella. 
 Gracies first year of high school basketball. Go Grace!
 We had lots of visits from these two, Burt and Arrieta!
 Saw beautiful sunsets on my morning walks like this:
 We were actually colder than Spenc in Canada that morning!!
 Always and forever more games!

 An awesome petroglyph hike with Zac.
 And High School Swim - lots of it!!
Hailey and Erin - Seniors!!
 Lots more of where that came from! 
Date night with my main man.
Temple and treats. Perfect!

Junior Prom! This girl looked ahhh-mazing!

These two girlies are together. all. the. time.
{which is awesome}

Homemade flan for our Filipino missionary!
Happy birthday!!

Love these two girls!
I ordered cookies on the morning of Alexa's ultrasound
so I could deliver the right one to the kids at school....
a BOY it is!!
{that is, until the following ultrasound a month later
when it was discovered that we should have been
eating the pink cookies - haha!}

This kid. Love Zac so much!

Ellie loves to dump out all of the acorns from the jar.
Lots of fun at Grammas house!

"Cake" for breakfast is a must!

The best cheering section Zac has ever had!

Getting some advice from Aunt Erin and
cuddling with Aunt Gracie. xoxoxox

Love it when the Z family comes to visit :)

We went to plenty of high school bball games to cheer on Grace.

Welcomed Elder Bowen Call home from Chile!
Love these young women that I get to hang out with.
They are truly gems I tell ya!

A quick visit up north to visit my favorite.

Girl weekend up north! Cafe Rio for the win!
Seriously, can she get any cuter???

Cheering on Erin at BYU State Swim.
Oh and jumping on the couches and stuff.

Third in State! Wowzers!!

Erin was one of 10 high school Seniors (out of 15 schools)
awarded the Academic All State. Quite an honor!!
Way to go Erin!! All that studying the dictionary when
you were a kid really paid off ;)
This kid moved to the top of the list of missionary addresses.
Which means = he comes home next!!

These two went on a cruise so we got Ellie for 5 days.
She got to come with Gramma / Miss Amy to preschool
and she loved it! The kids loved her, too. So much fun!
Miss Doree and Ellie with Ellies "store day" prizes.
She earned lots of golden tickets that day at school!

Snow in Santa Clara. Couldn't tell you the exact date...
but it did snow this year!!
My perfect Sunday breakfast...

This boy reminds me so much of Spencer!

Sunday afternoon rock painting activity. 

Erin bought a ticket to Hawaii to see Gram for two weeks 
in March. Yes, I was jealous. Very jealous.

The other two kids and I went up to take care of a sick Lex
and soon to be sick Ellie. It was a long, busy week, but I
will be forever grateful that we were there to help out!
{ps Brian is a rockstar when it comes to helping out
and taking care of his girls!}

Saying goodbye to this sick little girl about broke my heart! :(

Finally home! Tan and happy and reunited at last.
More temple dates and dessert!
Love this guy of mine!
First campout for Scouts. Nothing but trouble fun!

Seriously I teach the best young women around. 
They always participate in the lessons and have the
best experiences to share. I love them SO much!!!

Sunday dinner picnic style...
Sunday nap...crazy style! haha!

This kid cracks me up!
Brian brought the girls down to stay a week so they could
fully recover. Sunshine, playing outside all day, fresh air
and lots of family play time did the trick. 
Ellie and Lex came to YW with me where we did
manicures and pedicures. Ellie said, "Look Gramma,
I taking a bubble bath in a bucket!" haha!
Grace got her first job as a side line soccer ref.
Here she is in her sporty uniform! Go Grace!

Womens Conference with these beauties.
Followed by treats. 
Grace and Livvy have been a part of the BEST club soccer
team ever. Go Bombers Crush!!

Erin got asked by THE Jake Sargent to Senior Ball.
And Grace and Zac pulled a fast one on JC and tin-foiled
his entire desk for April fools day. I think he loved it! ;)

And last but not least...
this kid! He is coming home May 22 - which is 
just around the corner. Oh happy day!
More pics coming in the next post!!
Oh happy day. I'm somewhat caught up.


Lynda said...

phew I was getting tired of reading how to make homemade laundry soap for 4 months :)

Cindy Sharkey said...

What a fab year, busy, happy, mostly healthy, and Spence is coming home! YIPPIE