Wednesday, June 11, 2014

And after the emails came a surprise video!

Around mid-morning of my birthday, I opened my facebook to see this handsome guy's face staring at me! My good friend, Denise, was visiting up in Cardston Canada and made this video of Elder Call. Such a tender mercy! I LOVED this birthday gift!! Thank you Denise!!

Amy Call shared Denise Lasswell Webster's video.
What an amazing birthday present!!! Thank you so much Denise Lasswell Webster!!! So glad you got to see my sweet boy today and so thankful that you made a video for me! You are the best! #ilovetendermercies Love youElder Spencer Call - you look fantastic!!!
Happy birthday, Amy Call!! He looks great and is still wonderful and kind! Love that kid! And we just cried filming this!

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