Friday, May 16, 2014

I narrowed it down

I've just inserted these photos in the order they uploaded.
So very random, but here it goes!
 I just narrowed down over 2,500 photos from our trip to France to 900...
and printed them. I'm picking them up tomorrow.
And apparently after I pick them up we won't be eating much this week ;)

 These crazies made for the best mothers day ever! 
And boy oh boy do we have the crazy down!!
To see the AMAZING mothers day gift I received from them, go here!
I have always, always, always requested ONLY homemade for mothers day!
{ps alexa's wearing my stuff and her stuff, grace is wearing alexa's stuff, pretty
sure Erin is wearing her own clothes {that's a first}, I'm wearing gracies sweater, and
although Brian had to borrow church clothes a few visits back, all of the guys 
are wearing their own clothes this time!}
 I love this picture of me with four of my kids! Spenc was with us in spirit.
See how we are all so happpppy?? We just got off Skype with him!
It was an awesome hour and we're all beaming with love!!

I saw this quote earlier this week and love it. So very true.

 Some more of those 900 France pic's I was telling you about...
{geez I love that handsome guy!!}
 We skyped with Elder Call! He was transferred last week to Cardston - southern Canada.
He is now longer companions with Elder Ironman / Pauli - but sure loved working with him!
He is a Zone Leader with Elder Madsen and loving it. 
He told us that he feels like he should be in Canada forever. He loves
the people, the places, and the work he is doing. Love that boy!
{and no, he does not wear glasses. well, not that I know of}
 This girl has been tearing it up on her longboard (that she made herself last year)...
which also translates to tearing herself up. She has some major elbow, knee, and
leg scrapes and scars. So glad for the helmet!
 We let these two go on a road trip together the past few days...
whhhhaaat?? Seriously! Just looking at this picture makes you
want to laugh out loud. These two are gems together, always looking for
some fun and always trying their best to stay out of trouble!

They left on Thursday and yes, I miss her!!

Not the best pic of me {think jet lag}, but look at my mama!
She radiates gorgeousness!! And Ellies big eyes??
To die for!!

This is the wonder woman who watched our three kids for
eight days while we fancied around France! Thanks so much Gram!!
 The bear in our backyard, courtesy of Erin.
 The yellow flowers in front of our house are in full bloom and
they make me want to never move from here.
Sunshine and yellow flowers and warm weather = heaven

We've been blessed to have this little cutie pitter pattering around the house lately,
but I'm sure missing her now. {look how cute she is in Grandpas' glasses!!}
{and yes her mom put her swimsuit on backwards. haha}

 This sweet girl and I went on a fun lunch and shopping date today.
Who says you need to stay in school all day on Friday? Not me.
It was so much fun to be with her, and yes, we found some great deals!

 These two partied it up tonight. They practically had the whole house to themselves. 
Well, I was home, but the boys were camping at Fathers and Sons. Yay!
These little chickies are now longer little.
They are big.
Like chicken size big.
 This boy is not only Ellies very favorite,
but he is also a super scouter, hiker, and camper.
Love that handsome boy and sweetie pie Ellie.
Two peas in a pod.
So that wraps up the randomness for the night.
Jeremy has a new job up in Eden, Utah at Nordic Valley
helping them design their new lodge, condos, etc.
Needless to say we miss him a lot.
{hence the late blog posts, cause who wants to go to bed
when your better half isn't around??...}

I'm determined to blog about our trip to France next!
And then scrapbook it all {with the help of project life!!}
I seriously just ordered over 900+ prints at Walgreens with a great
savings code. Whoever is working the photo desk tomorrow morning
will be coming into a big work load. Sorry in advance.

I get to start out the morning on a hike with Gracie and all of the YW.
Well all of the young women who decide to get out of bed and come!

We are also picking up Gracies new desk that I bought
from a lady in town. It is caaa-uuute!
Pics' tomorrow.

Happy Saturday. Happy Weekend.


Lisa Henry said...

I love that Elder Spencer & Elder Call are both zone leaders now, they're going to do great! It's a lot of work but just help him check his stress levels & keep his priorities straight :)

lex said...

love this random post! glad to see that staying up too late is in your genes too! the girls are doing great on their road trip (and still asleep!) and we miss you guys like crazy! love you! xoxoxo

Pear Girl said...

YAY I love all this randomness!! I seriously love all the little snippets, and seriously can't wait to hear all about the wonderful travels in France! love you!!