Saturday, May 3, 2014

10 things I learned in France

{my hubby is a great photographer!!}

10 things I learned in France:

1. The majority of the french people are very healthy / not overweight. Why?
Because they walk like they just stole something!!
Seriously. They have the fast walk / run down!
And I thought I walked fast. Sheesh!
No wonder our feet hurt at the end of the day!

2. Dinner. Is. A. Slow. Enjoyable. Event.
Dinner starts at the very, very earliest 7pm, but more like 8 / 8:30pm
And it lasts at least 2 hours, but more like 3 hours.

3. When they say, "Let's get a quick bite to eat" that means sitting down
to eat for an hour to an hour & a half. There is no fast food ordering and you
NEVER see people eating on the go. 

4. When you see the {one} bathroom and it has signs for both
men and women (=share the bathroom), then you probably
ought to just hold it. Trust me.

5. The top of the Alps are cold.
Very cold.

6. Wearing three layers of clothing on your day of touring the Louvre just because
you were cold and wet the day before is not a good idea.
Because there are a million people inside the Louvre with you.
And it gets hot. Quite hot.

7.  The shower doors are half the size in France. They don't cover the whole tub, 
just the first part of the tub. So when you take a shower, you stick really close
to the shower head. Or you end up with a flood. Like I did the first night.
{looks something like this, only this shower door is on the generous side!}

8. Things are waaaay more expensive in France. 
The food. Travel. Hotel. Shopping. Etc.
The same pair of new Vans that we bought JC before we left for $45
at home were $110 in France. Same exact pair.

9. The children speaking French are ADORABLE.
Absolutely Adorable.
Even when they are whining.

10. I would go back again to all of the cities we visited again in a heartbeat.
To be so blessed to visit another part of our Heavenly Fathers majestic
handiwork was a huge blessing indeed. I loved everything about our trip.
Especially spending 8 days with my man.
{blog update coming soon!}

PS The 11th thing I learned is that jet lag is a real thing people.
Especially when you are old like me.
Today is the first day I have felt like myself and
we got back 5 days ago! Phew, that time zone changing
really wore me out!!


Pear Girl said...

Ah good ol jet lag! It really takes the life out of you at the randomest of times, and then wakes you up randomly again! Ha! Glad to hear you guys had an awesome time in France! The whole trip sounds fabulous, i can't wait for a multitude of pictures!! :D Love you aunt amy!

larajanepark said...

I can't believe I got so behind on reading the blogs! Love to see the photos and so glad to see the family (We miss you so dearly!) And Oooohh LA LA! Paris! I am so so so glad you got to go on such a grand adventure with your handsome man, I love you to the moon sister xoxoxox