Monday, February 17, 2014

Busy, crazy. Just the way we like it.

 This was the weekend that our heads were spinning before it even started!!
Grace had a soccer tournament in Mesquite, Nevada Friday and Saturday.
Erin had State Swim at BYU Friday and Saturday.
Our dearest friends daughter, Halie, was getting married in the LV temple on Saturday.
Alexa was the photographer for the wedding.
Lex, Brian, and Ellie were headed down for the weekend.
So we divided and conquered.
Jeremy went up north on Friday to watch this fish swim!
They placed 5th in State in both of their relays.
She swam the 50 free as well & placed 24th.
  But her all time favorite is the breast stroke.
100 breast.
And she booked it.
It was her best time ever and she placed 8th in STATE!
Way to swim Erin!!!

 Before she left for State, the amazing Pereira family gave Erin this good luck bucket!
It was FILLED to the top with Goldfish, Sweedish fish, granola bars, fruit leathers,
bubbles, Go Fish card game, and stuffed with lots of good luck! THANK YOU Pereira family!!!

 Jeremy went to stay at Alexa's house after the swim meet (Erin stays at a hotel with the swim team)
and was able to see them for a little bit before they headed down to our house...
see what I mean by crazy weekend?? 
 Ellie LOVED playing outside with Grandpa!!
I spent the day Friday driving to and from Mesquite twice for soccer games.
Graces team won their first game and lost their second game.
Lex, B, and E arrived right about the time I left for game #2, so Zac
stayed home with them.
Saturday, Lex and I had an adventurous time in Vegas.
It might have included some minor car trouble, roundybouts, Findley Fiat, interesting
directions, speedy (super speedy) driving, and barely making it to the temple,
but phew! We did it! It was my first time being with Alexa while she was the
photographer, and boy oh boy, she is amazing! I loved watching her work!!
Christa covered soccer games for Grace and Livy in Mesquite that day.
The wedding and reception were beautiful! 
Congrats to Halie and Jason!! We sure love you both!
{Brian took one for the team and stayed home all day Saturday with Zac & Ellie!}
By Saturday night Jer and Erin were back home.
Lex and I arrived super late as well.
We were all super anxious for SUNDAY - a day of rest!!
 Ellie loved to come hang out on Uncle Zac's cozy bed on the floor,
since he shares his room with her mom and dad when they come!

 Playing peek-a-boo with Grace through the window!

 Presidents day weekend tradition says COUSINS!! But since they couldn't come
this time, we had to keep up on the other traditions...such as hiking
Johnsons Arch! Yay!! It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon! 

 I LOVE the red/orange rocks and blueeee sky! So gorgeous! 
 Ellie holding Gracies hand while they hiked!

 We're missing a few in this photo...hint, hint Pear, Scar, and Lar!! (and Spenc!!)

 Love this guy with all my heart. 
Even if he just barely told me (after that photo) that he was heading back up to Salt Lake that very night! boo :(
 Love our family!
 A few more wrinkles, but a lot more love
 A close up (above) of the cliff Erin climbed...
can you see her below?? She's near the top!

 Haha, just a friendly reminder unless you want a visit from Ranger George!! :)
 Zac hollered from his room, "Hey, Ellie is a Harry Potter fan, too!" Haha!
 Beautiful baby with the big brown eyes!
 Ellie carried around this little black dog all weekend long.
His name is Luke. Spenc got Luke when he was about five.
She saw him up on the shelf in his/Zac's room and instantly fell in love.
It was so cute!

 Telling Erin good bye before she heads off to work!
 She sure loves her Auntie Erin! 
 Seriously, that little Luke dog went everywhere with her! 
 Having lunch with Gracie! 
 I L*O*V*E how Ellie puts a hand/arm around your neck. It's so cute!!
 And this is Luke.
He sure got a lot of extra loving this weekend.
A little dirtier, but a lot more loved!
And last but not least, my favorite picture of miss Ellie.
So very true.
Lots of prayerful decisions to be made in our family.
So thankful for prayer and the peace that it brings in our lives.
Don't forget to pray!

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