Monday, October 21, 2013

There's nothing like family!

With the beauty of a 4 day weekend (Fall Break for the kids) and the arrival of Lex, Brian, and Ellie, we knew we'd be racking up the memories! It was a super fun, low key, good food kind of weekend. 
The. Best. Kind.
Although we were missing our favorite missionary, we talked of him a ton!
 I am so very thankful for our sweet family. I am thankful for their kind manners, sweet spirits, gentle natures, and spunky adventures!
The girls and I started out the break by working on Grace's room. We had previously spray painted this ugly, brown chair. Then the girls got busy and recovered it. I'm pretty sure the chair was about $5 at the DI and the fabric was about $4.
It sure turned out adorable!!

 Grace and I spent some time together re-painting her room. Boy did it ever need a fresh coat of paint.
We did a great job together! Grace painted her entire room, I went around and finished up the edges. 
She's busy working on getting the frames, photos, etc put up. More pic's soon!

 Thursday night the Zurchers arrived. Ellie was quickly swooped up! She sure loves the kids, and the kids love and adore her.
Grace gave her some awesome longboard rides through the house. 

 From the minute that cute girl wakes up she is busy! Here she is above trying to decide which movie to watch (haha, just kidding.
She really loves pulling out every single movie from the shelf!)
She happily plays with toys, walks from room to room, smiles constantly, laughs ALL THE TIME. She is seriously such a huge light and oh so sweet. I loved watching her walk from place to place, explore, giggle, and hear the pitter patter of her little feet. What a joy it was to have her here! 

 Friday the boys went golfing (Brian and Rick)
(small disclaimer: Brian did in fact come on this trip although I do not have a single picture of him to prove it! 
Whoops! Sorry Brian! We sure loved having you here as well!!)
Jeremy had a few deadlines, so he worked a ton.
The rest of us played with Ellie, went to the temple to walk around, took lots of pictures, stopped by thrift shops
(much to Zac's dismay!), played outside, bounced on the tramp, took walks, and enjoyed life!

Ellie scooted on her bum down every one of these stairs, just like she does at home!!

 Looking up at the statue of the Savior, oh boy, did she ever love that!
 That night we had Rick and Lisa over for dinner, Cafe Rio style. I made Cafe Rio Sweet Pulled Pork, Cilantro Lime Rice, Creamy Cilantro Dressing, fresh tortillas, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, chips and we had Cafe Rio salads / burritos for dinner.
Mmmmmmm, it was SO good! 
Erin got asked out on a date with Rico (?) so off she went.
Ellie was spoiled with popsicles from Gramma :)
(yes, this is the only dinner photo I got!!)

 We were happy that this guy came out to hve dinner with us.
He's been working hard on those architecture plans and we haven't seen him much!

 It was a great day with family and friends! I sure love those kinds of days!

Saturday was a lazy, relaxing morning. We all needed it. We kept busy the rest of the day, but
sure enjoyed those morning low-key hours!
Do you remember last year when the only thing I wanted for Christmas was this:
I knew Spenc would be on his mission by the holidays the next year and I really wanted this 
"family tree" with all of our handprints, so we would all be here together over the holidays.
(even if it meant you were just here via handprint!!)
So I decided that we would make a similar, but smaller one for Spenc for his Christmas
away from home this year! We used a stiff piece of felt and made him his own family tree! 

We left him a spot right in the middle and I'm sending the little jar of paint and a brush to 
add his hand to ours. I love how the men in the family are the strong base of the family tree.
I sure love this family of mine!!
The girls then made the most delicious caramel apples. Caramel, white chocolate, cinnamon-sugar apples. Mmmmm, they are so delicious. Although I didn't get any photos, I know it will be documented
here or here really soon!! :)
We (adults) went to the temple Saturday late afternoon. I love the temple. I love the peace and tranquility of the temple. As soon as you walk in you can feel the weight of the world being left behind and you only feel calmness, peace, and love. It's truly a feeling that you cannot feel anywhere else and is quite indescribable. We had a beautiful time. Lex and Brian went out on a date afterwards (I insisted!!). Ellie was a gem with the kids while we were at the temple and afterward while her parents were gone. She truly loves her parents BEST - but that's the way it should be!
We had a great morning together Sunday, and off we went to church. I was able to teach the Young Women today about Christlike love. I shared the following two mini-clips Cheering Each Other On and For Madison that had everyone in the room in tears. The spirit was so strong!!! These Young Women that I get to teach really teach me. They are the sweetest girls and I know that they strive daily to be like the Savior. 
(thank you for the beautiful handout that I gave to the girls!)

I loved this weekend so much.
I am so thankful for my sweet family.
I have so many amazing blessings.
And I plan on counting them every day!


lex said...

Love this whole post! Ellie sat on my lap and smiled through the whole thing! We miss you guys!!! Thanks for such a fun weekend!! xoxoxoxo

Cindy Sharkey said...

What fun you had with the family and I can see that Ellie was the center of attraction. E must have been working a lot, got only one picture. Busy family! I love you all and really miss you.

Amy said...

We had such a fun weekend! And Erin is on there three times! Promise she was with us!! ;) She did go on a date one night, but she was adventurous with us the rest of the time! In fact those two big girls (Erin and Lex) were the gourmet caramel apple makers together!! So much fun! Loved every minute of it!!

larajanepark said...

I love you all so much! xoxox Am extremely blessed to have you as my sister, and your family as mine. I'm thankful every day for this! MOM, thanks for starting it all! xoxox love lara

Pear Girl said...

This sounds like the best weekend ever!! Xoxo