Friday, May 31, 2013

You've Got Mail!!

For the next two years,
here are.... three favorite words.

{this is probably my most favorite one (above) since it's from 
one of my most favorite movies ever!}

Rain or shine. Snow or sleet. 
Getting mail in my mailbox or my "inbox" 
is going to make this mama....

sooooooo very happy!!!

I'm pretty sure part of my heart went with this boy last week, 
and will travel to Canada with him on Tuesday.
But boy, oh boy, am I ever soooo happy to be his mama!
What an amazing son he is! We are so proud of you Elder Call!!

And while it will require a little of this from me...
 I will keep a great attitude!!
I couldn't be happier for my first born son!
What a wonderful example he is for all of us.
I sure love you Elder Call,
now...keep those letters coming,
cause this mama LOVES them!!! 
your most favorite mama

1 comment:

Cindy Sharkey said...

You can do it, little Mama - we miss'em but we love'em. Bless you.