Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where in the world? Take a guess!

Spencer's mission call will be here THIS WEEK!!
We are all SO excited!!
Here's your chance to guess where you think he might be going.
Take a guess, anywhere in the world......

Come Wednesday or Thursday or Friday we'll let you know!

PS After the varsity game Friday night I ran into Coach Carl . He also happens to be our neighbor and Spencer really likes him (as a coach and friend), so I told him so! He said, "oh really!?" Then he continued, "Do you want to know how to make millions of dollars?" I said (kind of puzzled...), "Sure". He answered, "Clone that kid! I'm serious, he is one amazing kid! I don't know that I've met anyone like him." We think so, too! He is a gem of a young man and we are so lucky to have him in our family!! We are seriously going to miss him BIG time, but know this is the right time for a mission and will be the right place, wherever that may be. Time will tell!! 


lisalynn said...

I am going to guess(ps this is chloe) washington!!! haha i am just kidding! (: honestly, i have no idea! but i know he is going to have fun and we will miss him so much!!! (: xoxo chloe

larajanepark said...

I'm guessing Australia or Canada. I have no idea! Can't wait to hear about the location!

Carey Family of Four said...

I'm going to guess south America.

Lynda said...
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Lynda said...

ok josh says new york , new york, north mission
i say scotland /ireland mission
jace says the same as josh, cool but could it be?? so let's say the hamburg germany mission afterall the boy speaks german :)
the others will report can hardly wait !!!!

lisalynn said...

New Zealand! (this is Lisa) :)
Can't wait to find out!!

Pear Girl said...

Aw I love what the coach said :) It's so true, Spencer is one fabulous kid! I think Denmark or Germany! Or possibly Switzerland! Can't wait to hear!!!!

Lynda said...

ok so here's the rest of our guesses
Ryan says Sydney , Australia
Justin says Toronto, canada
steve says South africa
Good Luck :)

larajanepark said...

I think I won!