Sunday, January 27, 2013

Junior Prom

This year, both Spencer and Erin went to Jr Prom (I'm sitting up blogging as I wait for them to get home and tell us all about it!!) Spencer asked Kylee Martin and Erin was asked by Chance Thorkelson. Fun dates for sure! I love these two! It was so fun watching them both get ready! Geez, they grow up so fast!

 This gorgeous girl missed the "day date" because she was swimming in Cedar at the Region Swim Meet! Yes, that's a first place gold and a second place silver medal around her neck. 
Sophomore sensation!!

 Helping her big bro sew on the jacket button he popped off!

Holy smokers!! Gorgeous and Handsome for sure!

 Pictures with the parentals. Auntie Lisa (best neighbor ever!)
And mom and dad (below)

 I love getting our coursages/boutineers at Bloomers. They always do a waaay amazing job!
 Pinning on the boutineer on Chance! Good job, Erin (on the date and the "not sticking him"!)

 We just can't seem to take pic's without a little craziness!

 The pin that Kylee made Spenc to answer him to Jr Prom. 
Before knowing the "theme" to Jr Prom, Spencer asked Kylee to prom. And the funny thing is, he asked her using colored balloons with an amazing letter / note / poem attached just like in the movie Up. He soon found out that the theme to Jr Prom was "Looking Up", with the Up house & balloons, etc. 
So when she answered him, she had one of her little neighbors dress up in his scout uniform. He knocked on our door, (and since I knew he was coming) I had Spenc answer the door. This little scout proceeded to say, "Good Afternoon. My name is Russell and I'm a Wilderness Explorer" He proceeded to tell Spencer that he thought he needed an answer to prom and that he had earned a badge. (the badge is above, he wore it on his tux!) Anyway, it was super cute!!
Love you Spenc and Erin! You both looked drop-dead-hit-my-head gorgeous/handsome!!
Love, your most favorite mama


lex said...

SOOOOOOOO CUTE. i love this.

wish we could have been there!! ah!


Cindy Sharkey said...

WOW Erin is gorgeous, Spence is so handsome! Seems impossible you have two going to proms..... where does the time go? I remember when you & Jer were going :)

Cindy Sharkey said...

CONGRATS ERIN on 1st and 2nd place medals at the swim meet!!! You are a fab swimmer & I am sooooo proud of YOU

Scarlett Mijatovich said...

This is so wonderful!!!! Erin and Spencer you two are absolutely stunning!! I love you! I hope you guys had an over the moon time!! haha

Pear Girl said...

Erin and Spencer look like a million bucks!!! they're both look incredible!!! I love how Erin was helping Spenc sew his button back on! hahaha brother-sister bonding at its finest! Congratulations to the best cousins in the world! ANd to erin on her swim meet! Hooray for dances! :D

lisalynn said...

Wow, two gorgeous kids going off to prom! Love it! I honestly can't believe how fast they have grown up. Time flies!
And congrats to Erin on her swim meet medals. Awesome!!

Purposely at Home said...

LOVE Erin's dress! so modest and so cute. :)

the UP story is too cute.