Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

We had such a fun weekend. I love the beginning of the Christmas holidays! We picked out our tree at Home Depot - Spencer was the final decision maker this year (why? cause next Christmas he will be on his mission!!!). We found a real beauty and tied it to the top of the car. Next stop - Ace for the last strand of lights we needed. Then, Jeremy took us all out to Costa Vida. Mmmmm, yumm! It was delicious!

 The big kids had dates and such Saturday night, so we put up the lights on decorations on Sunday. Spencer found this ornament of his from his Primary days. On the back it reads, The Temple, I'm going there Someday! And that someday is just around the corner!! So exciting!

 Erin and her famous bite of the gingerbread cookie ornament (that was made in 1991!!). When she was about 3 years old, it just must have looked tasty, because she came up to the tree and took a bite of that very cookie!! Oh the memories every one of our ornaments hold. My tree is covered with preschool and grade school pitures and projects and I wouldn't have it any other way!

 Yikes, a tangled mess of ornaments!!

 One of Miss Erin's preschool ornaments!

 The "re-vamped" ornament. Cover a glass ball in glue and roll in beads!
 Preschool snowman ornament!
 Grace found the Geek-a-thon ornament that Gram made her last year after she completed the Gecko-thon triathalon (only Gram thought it was a geek-o-thon!!) Oh the memories our ornaments hold!
 Love these kids!! They grow SO FAST!!
 From happy...............
.......to serious......
 ......to crazy!! (which means normal around here!)

 Sweeping up the mess...
and then letting Spencer put the star on top.
Ya, you know. Cause next year he'll be gone on his mission!!! 

A happy start to a bright, magical, fabulous Christmas season!!
The very best time of the year!


lex said...

all these pictures made me smile! soooooo cute!! :)

Cindy Sharkey said...

I felt like I was right there with the whole family! Thanks for sharing the Christmas adventure. I love seeing them put up all the decorations, and tall Spence doing the star. Who knows where he'll be for Christmas next year, but he'll be in out hearts. Enjoy this Christmas Together!!!!

Pear Girl said...

I love all these ornament pictures! There are some pretty crazy ones out there :) I love Christmas time. so. much. Best time of the year! Thanks for blogging! (because i know miss erin hasn't!) love you! pass it on :)

lisalynn said...

Love all of these photos Aim. So many cute ornaments from years gone by. So much fun! Can't believe how tall Spence is!! Enjoy the holiday season sister. Love you xoxo