Monday, December 3, 2012


Grace participated in her second triathalon just a couple days before Thanksgiving. Athletes swam a total of 12 laps, biked 4 miles, and finished it off with a 2 mile run. There were 40 boys and 40 girls participating. Like last year, she trained with her buddy Alivia and their goal this year was to cross the finish line at the very same time, together! They both did GREAT!!!

 They biked on the same road as the Iron Man (only they encouraged our kids to ride on the sidewalk since the road was still open!)
 Mission Accomplished! Way to go Grace and Livvy!
 Lots of well-wishers at the finish line!

 Grace with two of her all time FAVORITE teachers....
 Mr. Jolley (above) and Mr. Huddleston (below). 
These fabulous teachers have had the chance to teach Alexa, Spencer, Erin, and Grace!! They just have Zac to go!
The girls finished 7th & 8th in the girls division (or as we say, 7 1/2th  - since they finished together). Overall, girls and boys, they finished 18th & 19th! Pretty awesome, out of 80 kids!! 
Way to go Grace and Livvy!! You are strong, athletic, talented, strong, and amazing!!! So proud of you two!

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Cindy Sharkey said...

Gracie, you are one dynamite girl! I am so proud of you for participating in the triathlon. You are a great athlete! I think it is wonderful that you and Livvy stuck together the whole way. :) :)