Monday, November 12, 2012

Driving, Dating, and finally 16!!

Miss Erin is 16!!! Can you believe it?? Time goes by so fast! Last year it was permit time, and this year  it was....license time!!!
It was a day filled with cinnamon rolls, decorations, lots of hugs & well wishes, a bouquet of flowers delivered to school (with love from her big brother), a date to get her license (yes!) and lunch at one of our fav's (Olive Garden), countless texts during lunch from all of her many well-wishers, perfectly thought out presents, skydiving (and a roll of tp to go with it for when she pee's her pants skydiving), lots of loving, pizza, and last but not least an amazing 8 hour night to Vegas with her best dad, best big brother, and best friend Bailey for a night riding the rides at the top of the Stratosphere!! (they've got adventure I tell ya!) Perfect 16th birthday for one amazing, awesome, fun loving, perfect kid! Love you so much miss Erin Estella. You are such a gem and I am so lucky that I am your mom. Thank you for your spunk, love, creativity, and overall amazingness. You are one gorgeous girl!! Happy 16th Birthday Sweetheart!!! xoxoxoxo
PS Before I post all of the pics from the big day, you can also go HERE to see some more darling pic's!

Happy 16th Birthday Erin!!!
x o x o x o x o WE LOVE YOU x o x o x o x o 

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lisalynn said...

Woohoo!! Looks like a FABULOUS 16th birthday to me. Can't believe she is already driving. Wasn't it just a few years ago she was feeding our dog Scout treats over the little gate in the kitchen?!? She's a beauty inside and out Aim. xoxo