Friday, November 2, 2012

A good day

Sometimes good days consist of Ellie, Ellie, and more Ellie (well, any day with Ellie in it is a great day!). And great visits with Lex, frosty's for lunch, a beautiful walk on a fall day, jumping into piles of leaves, acorns and whistling with their tops, candy, a little cleaning, dads home from work, pizza, bath time, cuddle time, visiting and loving the moments we get when we can! So thankful that families are forever!! I especially LOVED the smiles Ellie gives after her eyes "catch" yours.....she stares at you and you know you are connected. She gets really still, her eyes get even bigger and then.....a great big Ellie smile. Priceless!! Oh that girl is such a doll!!

 There is no shortage of love for Miss Ellie Marie!!

 Zac either had Ellie, the laptop, or the tablet at all times. Well, except when I made him finish up his homework!

 Gorgeous mama! And Gramma loving every inch of Ellie!

 Zac's turn with Ellie!

 Cuddle time with Aunt Grace!
 Motherhood looks beautiful on her!

 We bundled up little miss to take her on a walk, although Zac thought it was a great day for a run!

Making sure Ellie was doing good!

 Yea for fall leaves!

 Leaves, leaves, and more leaves! Zac was in heaven!

 Lex is always taking pictures of the amazing things that catch her eye!
 This picture (above) is probably the most normal, yet somehow the following ones feel more normal. Ha. 

 Still bundled up and sleeping soundly on our walk.

 Such a cute little house!
 Chilling with Uncle Zac
Gracie and Ellie. They sure love holding and loving on her!

 Grace teaching her talented niece how to balance her pacifier on her head....all while sleeping!
 Brian teaching Zac how to whistle from an acorn top!

Grandpa time!!
 Saying hi to daddy!

She is so cute when she smiles at you! Here she is smiling right at her mama!
I love those BIG huge eyes! She was wondering why Gramma was taking so many pictures!!!
Clean and happy with her mama. There is nothing like the fresh, clean baby smell. Mmmmmm!


lex said...

Ahhh Ellie loves visitors! And so do I ! So grateful to have such an amazing family! We all love you guys!

Cindy Sharkey said...

She is certainly growing, no wonder you like to get your hands on her as much as you can. I love her filled out cheeks, and her big beautiful smiles. Great being a Gram :)