Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just a week later . . .

A week after all of the partying and such, we were just getting settled back into life, school days, etc. when we received an unexpecetd call that Jeremy’s dad passed away. Although we were sad, our grief was lightened by the knowledge that families are forever and that although dad has passed on from this life, he has just moved to another and we will for sure see him again! This precious truth radiates sunshine, warmth, and peace.

The days we spent with mom, Jeremy’s siblings, cousins, and family were sweet. We cried, we laughed, we remembered, we slept very little, and loved our treasured memories that we each had of our dear dad.

The funeral services were held on Monday. All of the kids spoke - John, Jaime, Judy, Jennifer, Jill, Josh, and Jeremy. Mom even got up and spoke. So did good old Uncle Bud – dad’s only brother. There was beautiful music and the spirit was strong. Dad was an amazing man. He was faithful, loving, a hard worker, devoted to his family, calm, strong, sensitive, spiritual, and an amazing husband and father. I am so very thankful to have married into such a wonderful family. Dad never made me feel like a daughter-in-law, but just like his own daughter. He was kind and considerate (one year he sent all of the women of the family a $100 bill for Mother’s day, just because. And the rule was, we could only spend it on ourselves!)  He loved helping others and was always giving of his time to lighten others loads. He was talented beyond belief and could seriously fix anything (thank you dad for passing that gene on to your son!!).

It has been over a month since he has been gone. Mom is missing him terribly, I’m certain that living alone has got to be one of the toughest things ever. We are so thankful that families are forever. I am so thankful for a loving father in Heaven and for his son Jesus Christ who have made it possible to live again with our loved ones.

Dad, we love you and miss you but know we will see you again! Until that day, we will follow your lead by helping others, lending a hand, going the extra mile, loving others, and trying to fix as many things as possible!!

Love you Dad!!! xoxoxoxoxoIMG_0926 Thanks for loving each of us and your dear wife! We love and miss you but we’ll see you again!!

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Cindy Sharkey said...

Yes we do miss you and we will meet again.