Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Games 2012

 It’s been an amazing week at the Utah Summer Games in Cedar City, Utah. Grace’s competitive soccer team, Bombers Crush, went undefeated – until the last game!! They lost the Gold medal championship, but took Silver, which is still GREAT! They played hard and made some fun memories along the way. It was a great week up in Cedar!!IMG_1866 Chilling out with team mates on the way to and from games. Stretching out those long legs, getting pumped up for the next game. Alivia and Grace and Georgia (below)….the three girls who all share the exact same birthday – August 28, 2000!IMG_1867 IMG_1868Costco pizza and ice cream after a game well played! IMG_1869Decorating the two Coaches trucks with orange and white paint - #1 coaches? I say YES!!! IMG_1878They fought hard for the Gold, but ended up taking the Silver and the traditional candy necklace! IMG_1879(back) Grace, Kelcee, Kennedy, Savannah, Addie, Kenzie, Addison, (front) McKenna, Georgia, Ashley, Abby & Livy

IMG_1880We saw the older Bombers team at the Medals ceremony…they took Silver as well!! GO BOMBERS!!! IMG_1882Waiting on the Silver Medal platform for their awards! IMG_1887 Proud of their hard earned medals, with their amazing coaches – Brent Brindley and Brian Brough.IMG_1888 IMG_1889 IMG_1890Her most FAVORITE FANS!!! IMG_1893 IMG_1894It’s tradition to not only paint the coaches trucks, but do our car and Livy’s car as well. They personalize their own window. The team nickname for Grace is “Amazing” and Liv’s nickname is Spidy (see the spider art work on the window below?)IMG_1897 After a quick stop at DQ for milkshakes, these two crashed on the way home!IMG_1907IMG_1905 THREE years in a row they have won SILVER. They are itching to take home the GOLD.

Maybe next year!!! GO BOMBERS CRUSH!!!

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LOVE!!! Love my Bombers Crush girlie! xoxox