Saturday, March 3, 2012



I can’t really say that raising my children has been a great sacrifice, because it is EXACATLY what I have always dreamed of doing. Marrying the man of my dreams, being pregnant (6) times, loving the fact that I had a hand in healthily growing 5 amazing tiny babies, nursing, loving, teaching, and raising them every step of the way has been incredible. But it has had it’s share of sacrifice. Sleep is the biggest one. You mom’s know what I’m talking about. Getting up hour after hour to feed hungry babies, staying up all night with colicky ones, walking the floors hour after hour with sick ones, stealing a wink of sleep here and there when you could, staying up all night with the big ones as they throw up all-night-loonnnng.  Another sacrifice with such little ones is spouse time. It shouldn’t be that way, but for us there were times that it was just that way. It’s not that I didn’t want time with him, but leaving my itty bitty ones with a babysitter just didn’t work for me! They needed me! (but really it was me who needed them!) I’m a total baby’s mama! haha  We did take the time to cuddle and watch movies together and enjoy time at home when baby/children were sleeping.

I still have a lot of raising to do, but with our youngest being eight and a half, it feels like it has gone by so fast. Truly, that which turned out to be my greatest sacrifice, has truly been, still is, and always will be the greatest investment I/we have every made.

I love you Jeremy, Alexa & Brian, Spencer, Erin, Grace & Zac

with all my heart!


lex said...

this is the most adorable post, ever! thanks for sacrificing for all us kiddos!! love you to the moon and back! :)

Carey Family of Four said...

What a sweet post! I'm sorry you did not get to raise one of your babies. I never knew that. You are a wonderful mom! I am totally a baby's mamma too! Love to be with them all the time. Almost. Being a parent is not always an easy task. But with the help of our Heavenly Father we make it through! Soon you get to learn a new role! Gramma! Yea!

Cindy Sharkey said...

Sacrifice? Not really, we give and we receive. So many gifts we have, what a life, how very lucky and blessed we are. Sleep is good too. I used to play babies when I was sick: I was the baby in their bottom bunk bed, door closed, I got to lay down while they poked baby bottles in my mouth, 'fed' me and more. We think of something!