Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday!


Here are a few of my favorite quotes, that are oh, so true.

234890936784647579_VFgXYjqg_bIsn’t it always better to look up? We have a loving Father in heaven who loves us and only wants the best for us. He is always there for us, He hears and answers our prayers. So when life looks stormy, like it can for all of us from time to time, LOOK UP! 257549672410027152_ERSmZU6U_bSee? Now you’re really smiling, because YOU know the truth to this one! Isn’t it always true that when we are feeling a bit down, worn out, or stressed, that one of the BEST things we can do is get out there and take a hike, a run, a walk, anything physical!!  We are all just one workout away from a good mood!! There is something magical about exercise, some fresh air, and good thinking time (or talking out loud to yourself….)260012578456169965_zJ1IInrL_bI love this quote! It makes you happy just reading it. Really, can’t you think of someone right now who just always seems to be happy? And because they are always happy, they make you happy too? Two of my most favorite happy people can be found here and here. I know these two pretty much better than anyone! And just because they are always so spunky and happy DOES NOT mean that they do not have tough days, trials or hard things happen to them. But they do know how to rely on their Heavenly Father, look up and stay positive. Thank you girls for being such a positive example in my life!!42221315226377888_pmSoN7D5_bI wish I had this one framed, in large, poster size when my kids were little. Ya I know, you’re wondering…did she ever yell? Answer: yes. Thank goodness for repentance!!! 181199584977066227_ULdJXwIL_bThis is another great one. Something I have learned along the way is to remind myself that the person you are dealing with is ALWAYS waaaay more important than whatever issue you are dealing with. Remember how fragile people and feelings are. They are always more important than the issue at hand.  234890936784647576_qazmGOYc_b   Those of you who really know me, know that I love the sunshine, just like my mama. There is something warming to the bones, all the way to the soul that the sunshine can reach, relax, and rejuvenate. It is the same thing with life. We all have our own “storms”, but there is always the sunshine. It will always come.


Each morning as we read our scriptures together, we try to come up with a main theme or short quote for the day to think of all day long. Today’s was: “All things typify of Christ.” Everything in the world, both temporal and spiritual bear record of Christ. The bright, warming, glorious sunshine we enjoy on this earth is a symbol of the Savior. He is the light of the world. He warms us as no one can. He makes our dark days bright and bearable. He is my sunshine. I am so thankful for our loving Father in Heaven and his glorious Son, Jesus Christ. I am thankful for their love, direction, guidance and hand in my life.

One of my most favorite talks ever is entitled “Sunday will Come”. You can find it here (have a tissue handy)

Happy Monday!


lex said...

ahhh you always have the best quotes and the best blog posts!! :) thanks for being my example each and every day! love you mama! :)

larajanepark said...

Can you just email me the daily theme from morning scriptures time? I get "quote of the day" from, I get daily Haiku, I need daily scripture summary. Just text it to me xoxoxo
pretty please?
love from the sister who sent you throwing-up children for 5 days <3

Amy said...

Seriously, it's YOU who has the best blog posts!! You're my inspiration. Good thing we're both good for each other!! Love so much xoxoxoxoxo

Amy said...

Yes I will :) Some days it's more interesting than others! One day the other week the theme for the day was "Man Up!" tough, get the job done, don't complain, etc. It was pretty good, and we ended up using it all week long! We hollared it to Spenc as he was heading out to his basketball game, to Gracie as she was going to a soccer scrimmage against older boys team, and to the others as they left for school to get your work done, respect your teacher and such. It was a fun one!

Nicole said...

you guys are literally the cutest in the world. and ps i love the little whale posters. get on my wall NOW!


Lynda said...

i love your quotes especially the happy one ! you are one of the happiest people i know, always make me smile :)

Cindy Sharkey said...

Love love this blog. My smile is in place and I am going to refer back to this, probably daily! We all need a boost, a smile, a kind heart. Thank you my Aim.