Sunday, August 14, 2011

the last of the summer fun


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Jeremy you were not alone on your phone……I caught many dads catching up on their work, emails, etc… just like you!! :)

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Pictures say a thousand words, and until I can figure out how to use Windows Live Writer to do my blog and actually add words and sentences throughout my blog, you’ll have to get it like this! We had a great trip up to Lagoon. We went up on a Wednesday and partied hard all day long! I told the big kids that we would be sticking together for at least the first couple hours and then they could go do all of the big rides. But wouldn’t you know it, we never split up even once! Zac and Grace were dare devils, doing all of the rides….the Rocket, Wicked, the Spider, everything! They had a great time. We had a fun day as a family and I was enjoying the fact that we didn’t have to have a stroller, diaper bag, nap time (although I wanted one!), juice cups, wipes, etc. It was amazing! We decided to save a little (er, a lot) of money and campout at the Lagoon campsite. It was really convenient, you could walk out of the park right into the campsite. It was convenient until the next morning when Jeremy had to leave for work meetings at 9:30am and the kids and I got to hang out at our now-empty campsite playing cards. . . we played the game “spoons” using sticks instead, until Lagoon opened up at 11am. It was actually very fun!

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We “bounced back” to Lagoon for $10 and decided to be “smart” (ha) and beat the lines by going to Rattlesnake Rapids first, before the big afternoon crowd. Suffice it to say the pictures below depict us dry….the only time we were dry the entire day. We got SOAKED!!! Erin and I tried to use my sweatshirt to keep our hair dry….but we failed. Miserably.

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We had a blast at Lagoon and spending time together having fun! Then we were off to Park City for a three day soccer tournament for Miss Grace. Their Bombers Crush team made it to the semi-finals where they lost. It was a great long weekend of fancy hotels, late night swims and work outs, yummy breakfasts, shopping at the outlet malls, eating out lunch and dinner (yea for Costco one night!), meeting up with Lex and Brian at Gracies game and then to Cafe Rio, and watching Grace play 4 intense games of soccer. It was fun, but when we got home I was exhausted!!

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(Spencer just might have actually asked for a cute girls name and number while up at Lagoon….and just possibly might be texting her here, with a smile on his face)

On our way back from Park City we made a quick stop to say good bye to Lex and Brian. We found them painting a thrift store find, something Lex does quite well. I was actually surprised that the two of them weren’t more covered in paint!!

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Yea for summer trips and summer fun! It’s back at it tomorrow… starts! For those of you who have made it to the end of this post (congratulations!) and question of the day: What is the Back To School Breakfast served every year on the first day of school at the Call household? No fair answering if you are any of my children!!!! Come on, take a guess. It’s been a life long tradition here……what’s YOUR guess???