Monday, August 15, 2011

The first day of school 2011

Grace is the first one to get up and get going these days. She is a big time 6th grader at Lave Ridge Intermediate. She leaves at 7:25am (choke, choke…..soooo early!). By that time Spenc and Erin are getting up to get ready so they can leave at 8am. And at that time, Zac is getting up so he can leave at 8:45am. It takes about two hours to get all these guys out of the house!

The first day went smooth. Breakfast is always a big hit. Did you guess right? Cinnamon rolls! Yummy, gooey, sugary, home made bites of heaven. Always good to send them back to school on a sugar high right?? ha. Add frosting on a warm cinnamon roll, mmmmmmm! IMG_1005

    Miss Gracie all ready for her first day of 6th grade, along with her best friend Mikelle.


IMG_1021 IMG_1022 IMG_1020

The boys are all set for their big day. Spencer is a Junior and Zac is starting 2nd grade. Spenc refused to have new shoes for back to school. Zac was thrilled with his new Nikes.

IMG_1025  IMG_1034IMG_1027

Erin is a Freshman! She has the most amazing, cute outfits ever. She puts things together so well and is so talented and creative that she makes a matching belt or backpack or something to go with almost every outfit she puts together. For more of her amazing-ness, go to her blogspot here:  I can’t believe she is a freshman in high school. Wasn’t I just in high school not too long ago??

 IMG_1024 IMG_1036

Zac was the only one that I could officially walk into the classroom with this year. He was sooo excited (with a little nervousness mixed in) to start 2nd grade. His teacher is Mrs. Thomas and she seems amazing. They are all going to have a great year!

As for me, the house is quiet. But there are dishes to be done, laundry, bathrooms, bedrooms to clean up and some big time party music to be played, as I clean and dance and sing out loud!


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