Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding Preparations and Celebrations!

Pictures are worth a thousand words....enjoy these! Some of the wedding flowers buckled in my front seat, ready to deliver to Alexa so she could make coursages and boutineers. She did an amazing job and it saved us tons of $$. Having someone make your coursages and boutineers is soo overrated! Alexa was pro!!
The fam in the car. The girls are eating Jimmy Johns for dinner while the boys chow down on Taco Bell. Here we are heading up to the hotel in Salt Lake, the night before the wedding! The car was jammed packed!!

Chillin at the hotel pool and hot tub.

Scarlett, Grace, Lex, Erin, Paris,

with a little Zac poppin out!

My high school best friend drove out all the way from Oregon with her husband and five boys. Boy were our girls every HAPPY those boys came!! :)

Colson, Ryan, Jace, Spencer, Josh, Justin, Erin, Scarlett

Grace, Lex & Paris

The Spencer boys with the Call & Mijatovich girls

Oh ya, and one Call boy...sorry Spencer.

The girls looking at pictures together the night before the BIG day!

Scarlett, Grace, Lex, Erin, & Paris

Zac in his big brothers jacket.

Three generations!

Amy, Alexa, and Gramma Cindy

Grace, me, Alexa, Gramma Cindy and Scarlett

Jeremy with his baby girl!!

Lucky dad with two of his gorgeous girls!

Lex and Grace

Brian and Alexa, all ready for their big day.

Brian, you're starting to look like Jeremy here...on the phone!! :)

Lara and her man Wayne made the long drive from California!

My gorgeous mother! I hope I'm as gorgeous as her when I grow up!!

Gracie, Gram, Erin and Grampa George

The boys hanging out.

Ryan, Spencer, Jace, Steve and Brayden Morgan

The married beauty and her little brother Zac.

Our next door neighbors and dear friends, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rick!

Kenz, Lex and Kiana.

The three mustakeers.

Gorgeous sister and cousins.

Grace, Scarlett, Lex, Erin and Paris


ALEXA and BRIAN showing their true colors!!

Beautiful sisters!
The taller, younger brother!

Grace and myself at Olive Garden for the family luncheon.

Thanks to Brians parents for a delicious meal!

The gorgeous bride in the Bridal Room at Wadley Farms.

Paris was an amazing helper setting up at Wadley Farms for the reception.

I didn't take too many pictures at the reception or the temple. I figured I had paid the amazing photographer to do that job! We should have professional pictures soon.

Zac loved climbing the trees at Wadley Farms

which may or may not have got him into a little bit of trouble ;)

The guys and their cool matching socks.

Spencer, Jeremy, Brian, Travis, Dan and Werner.

Now those are some handsome men!!

Seriously gorgeous and happy!

The wedding day was beautiful, a day we will never forget. The reception was amazing. We had so many people who helped set up, keep food platters filled and clean up. We couldn't have done it without our amazing friends and family. We danced, hugged, ate, watched Brian and Lex squish cake into each others faces, laughed and loved every minute of it.




Carey Family of Four said...

Happy Happy tears as I look through these photos! So wish we could have been here for such a wonderful day! We missed out.

curtis03 Lewis said...

Congratulations to the sweet couple. You both look really lovely together. Hope everything went good there. My niece is going to get married very soon at one of Venues in San Francisco and planning to hire a wedding vendor for it. That will help in doing all arrangements.