Friday, July 8, 2011

Post wedding partying!

The day after the wedding we decided to play at Gram and Gramps for a bit. The cousins played on the waterslide in the backyard and the big kids played their version of poker, eh I mean go-fish in the basement. We were all happy to chill out for awhile.

That night we met up with those handsome Spencer boys to go see Soul Surfer (those who were lucky enough anyway....Lynda and I took the two littlest boys to Rango....please please please do not go see it!!). The dollar theater is the place to go with this many!! Lettin' the love and the craziness show through.
Afterwards, these crazy kids convinced us to stop at WalMart. While I was just taking my time wandering around, look who I ran into!! The happy Mr & Mrs. Take a look at their shirts....gotta love them!! They were busy getting a few last minute items for their trip to the Bahamas that they were leaving for that night! Yea for honeymoons!

I told them to shop with care, because somewhere in this store was the group of crazy cousins/friends. They showed up to check out, and look who showed up with them...the whole gang! I couldn't resist taking a picture of them, even though it was a quick one since the WalMart lady said, "NO pictures in Walmart!" Ooops.

Happy Honeymooning to you two!!

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