Friday, July 15, 2011

Just a little summa fun

With the weight of the wedding planning lifted from my shoulders, we are enjoying a little summer fun. Erin went home with Gram and Gramp George to Washington state, along with cousins-in-crime, Paris & Scarlett Mijatovich. See her many adventures here. Spencer is keeping busy working at the pool as a lifeguard. And Mr. & Mrs. Zurcher are keeping themselves busy, which you can read about here. In the mean time, I am chilling with Grace and Zac, and our little buddy Ashlynn who comes over to play most days. Here are some of our adventures! Miss Grace all ready for 7am soccer practice.

You have to start early around here before it gets too H O T !
Most afternoons it's too hot to do too much outside,
so the kids enjoy creating and crafting.

Zac and his alien guy.

Ashlynn and Grace with their creations.

Ashlynn and Grace enjoying the fresh-out-of-the-oven brownies that they made at "cooking class". Grace was the teacher, Ash was the student. They were also enjoying playing on the big blow up slide in the backyard (not pictured).

Swimming afternoon at the Brooks pool.

Nothing like Oreos and Doritos for a post swimming snack! :)

One fine afternoon, somehow Grace and Zac got me to take them to Fiesta Fun. They brought in their report cards and for such good grades they each received 30 tokens free. Yea for doing good in school. They enjoyed playing the games and winning tickets!

A string of winning tickets longer than he is!

Then we used our three free miniature golf coupons, nevermind that it was 100 degrees outside!

Grace beat both of us, but we weren't too far behind!

They let you choose your golf ball color. Grace = pink. Zac = orange. Always.

Bumper Boats!

If you know me well enough, you know I just don't pay for these kinds of things. It kills me to 'waste' money! We had 2 free coupons for Bumper Boats, so I stepped up and forfeited my chance to go and let Grace and Zac go :) They had a blast and ended up SO WET!!! Notice the dripping water coming from each of them! They were soaked.

*to see Gracies darling blog go here

All in all, 30 free tokens each, 3 rounds of mini golf and 2 Bumper Boat rides = $45

But for us and our good deals and coupons = $0

I didn't spend a penny!!

Yea for summa fun!!!

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miss lex: said...

Oh so cute!!!!! So glad to have a relaxing summa now!!!