Saturday, July 16, 2011

I think I'll keep you.

Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday.

Yes, today the kids woke up to a job list. Nothing too bad. Just the regular chores of cleaning up their rooms, yard work for a little bit and a couple extra jobs around the house. One of Spencer's jobs was washing windows inside and out. I'm not the kind of mom who thinks just the boys should do outside jobs and girls should be cleaning inside. I think they can all work both inside and out. Clean bathrooms? Yep. Pull weeds, mow lawns? Yep. Wash dishes, laundry, etc? Yep. I walked by Spencer washing the windows and was amazed by how much they shined (eh, the windows that is) AND how he could wash with such ease. He is so tall, that he didn't need a ladder or a chair outside to get the tippy top of the windows like I do. So, I said to him, "Wow, Spencer, I'm going to keep you!" And he smiled and said, "Thanks mom." So I replied, "Ya, it was questionable this morning if I was keeping you or not (ha), but you've sealed the deal. You're a keeper!" Anyway, it was just a funny moment between the two of us. He is an amazing son and I am so thankful for him. We were just talking that after this summer, he only has two more summers before he leaves on his mission. Time flies! He is a wonderful, handsome, helpful, friendly, honest young man. And I am proud to be called his mom. some girl is going to thank me BIG time one day!!

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larajanepark said...

You're right about Spencer. Some girl is going to thank you BIG TIME one day. He's such a wonderful son. You are a lucky Mama xoxoxo