Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Talent Show

(the first night cousins arrived! excited?? i think YES!)
Just thought I'd share a fun, impromptu, Talent Show we had Sunday night. Ha. It was a crack up! We all had about 10 or 15 minutes to come up with the "talent" we were going to perform. Grace was our announcer and we each took a turn.

The first were the 4 girls...Lex, Paris, Erin & Scarlett lip syncing to Justin Bieber. I'm pretty sure they had the Bieber fever. You can see a clip of their amazing performance here, my niece's amazing blog. Turn down the music at the bottom of her blog first so you can hear the video. THEN, go back and turn the music to her blog up and listen to the first song....it's THE SONG OF THE WEEKEND!! The song we sang again and again......and again. Everybody, everybody wants to be loved!!

Paris followed by playing her guitar. Talk about talent! We loved hearing her! She is very musically talented, with such poise and confidence!

Spencer was next....his talent? Putting two cupcakes into his mouth at once. He only likes plain, unfrosted cupcakes. We are all pretty sure he "practiced" his talent a few times...many cupcakes were missing. :)

Zac amazed us all with his juggling abilities! He was able to juggle not one, but TWO, balls without dropping either of them. It was pure talent by an incredible 7 year old!

Grace, along with her handy assistant, Zac, was able to get her dad's cell phone completely into a balloon. It was so cool!! Talk about talent...and magic!!

I randomly said I would perform some poetry that I quickly made up...It went like this...
The sheets were all clean, the floors mopped with care. In hopes that the cousins soon would be there.
Much to our delight, they arrived with a clatter. Nothing we were doing really seemed to matter.
Hugs and kisses, squeals of delight. My this is going to be such a long night.
Oooooing and Ahhhing over a beautiful ring, So excited for what the summer will bring.
"I'm going to be an Uncle soon"...and choking on our food. To chocolate eating dogs lightening up the mood.
"Wow! 5 gallons of milk, we'll never drink that all!" (ha) Just a day in the life at the Crazy Call's.
Late night movies, laughter and fun. Talent shows and fugitive games, always on the run.
The time we love best - our favorite time of the year, Is when we're blessed to have our amazing family near. :)

Brian performed next by borrowing Paris' guitar and playing amazingly for us. Oh how we love home-made music!!

Lara decided to team up with Gigi and show off her amazing dog-training skills. Gigi was performing the tricks before Lara could even get the treat out of her pocket...they were an incredible team! Lara continued the next day showing off her amazing talents by making Erin her very own pin cushion. It was darling!!

Jeremy ended up the Talent Show by showing us all how to tie a Rescue Knot. Zac was his handy-dandy assistant. Jeremy tied a cool rope seat that could be lowered down a cliff to rescue a fallen hiker. Zac loved being the fallen hiker....and the said "rescue / rope seat" is currently tied over the archway in the living room for all to swing on.

It was a wonderful night. I loved the opportunity we all had to perform, laugh, and be together.

There is nothing like family!!! Love you all soooo much!!!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Amy
ps fun pictures coming soon. to family blogs everywhere and facebook, I'm sure!
family blogs are here (scarlett) and here (paris) and here (erin) and here (lara) and here (alexa)


Carey Family of Four said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend! My sisters and their families are so talented! Can't wait for more pics from this weekend!

larajanepark said...

Oh I am so glad you told the story of the TALENT SHOW!!! Although I think that GIGI's REAL talent is scouting out chocolate from all corners of the house. Who ever heard of a chocoholic bichon???

Staci said...

I can't believe Alexa is engaged. It kinda makes me sad. Is that wierd? It's just a reaction I get when things are changing for good.

They are a GORGEOUS couple, aren't they?