Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yes, it's true! Alexa is engaged!
You can officially meet Mr. Brian Zurcher here
and see their beautiful smiles here.
We first met Brian Zurcher when he came for a visit in October. What an amazing first impression! But over the visit at Thanksgiving, we knew it was l o v e. How you may ask?? He was here over the rival BYU UTAH game day and didn't even ask to watch it (not only do we not have cable, but we're not big into football around here!!) When I asked him about the game...he said, "Ya, pretty much this is the first game I have missed!" Awww.

Then, he was brave enough to stay with us for four days over New Years. You can't really fake it with a visitor for four days. Our true colors were shining bright, complete with meltdowns (thank you tired 7 year olds) dirty clothes left in the bathrooms, and late night game wars. ha.

But sure enough, he was back in February. This time for a fine visit with my man.
Little did they know we may or may not have been peeking...a little.

We actually caught both of them smiling during their little chat. :)

And now it is official. After seeing our craziness, he's actually officially going to join us. . . .
and we couldn't be happier!
Congrats Lex and Brian!
You couldn't have found a more beautiful, amazing, spiritual, talented, loving girl and she couldn't have found
a more handsome, loving, incredible, sweet, kind, worthy man to spend the rest of eternity with.
Welcome to the family, Brian.
Lex, Erin, Jeremy, Amy, Zac, Spenc, and Grace


Berkley Anne Sumner said...

This is so cute. I am so happy for them :) :) Great addition to the amazing family!

Carey Family of Four said...

Yippy! So happy for your family! And this makes me feel really old that Lex is old enough to be married. I remember when she was born. Somewhere there is a really cute pic of me holding her, her first Christmas. And I'm excited that we will be close by for the wedding!

Lynda said...

wow surely Brian knows how lucky he is to have Lex...but the best in laws ever, too, what a beautiful tribute to them Aim!!

xoxo erin estella said...

boy will he look cute in our family pictures! lets see if he can pull off any of the Erin Original Family Photo Faces!