Sunday, August 29, 2010

party weekend!

August 28th just happens to be both Grace and Zac's birthdays.
This year is "friend party" year.
Zac invited 9 of his friends to splash and play for the afternoon. What fun they had!
Some of the kids thought Spenc should be just as wet as they were!
Making a wish! Happy Birthday 7 year old!
That evening was Grace's friend party. Everyone came over to "bake up some fun!"
We started out playing "blindfold the baker" and after the game was over the girls wondered what would happen if they threw a marshmallow up at the fan. Within minutes two bags of mini marshmallows covered my living room. They thought it was hilarious and cleaned up good. (although I am still finding random marshmallows around!)
The darling girls in their newly made aprons.
Grace and her good friend (along with Zac) all share the same birthday. Grace and Alivia both turned 10!! Grace went to Livi's party in the afternoon and Liv came to Grace's birthday that night. Nothing but fun for these girls!!
Each of the girls got to decorate a double layer cake. They were amazing!!
Zac even got to decorate a little cake in honor of his birthday. Look at that great sunshine, balloon and cloud! Love it!
After two parties in one day we were all pretty tired out! This was my special birthday / goodnight hug from my two august 28th's!! It was Friday the 27th that we did their friend parties, so I was getting one last hug from my 6 year old and my 9 year old, who would be a year older when they woke up!
Grace and Alivia had a big soccer game on the morning of their actual birthday. Two big ten year olds won their game 10 to 0! Way to go Bombers!
(they each scored a birthday goal)
The kids were dying to get home to open family presents! But unfortunately that morning our kitchen faucet broke off (Jeremy's got some muscles! ha!). So we had to make a quick stop at Lowes. While Jeremy was shopping there, I played hide and seek with the kids in Target. Them against me. It was very funny, although we got a few concerned looks from other more responsible parents. ha.
This is pretty much how Jeremy spent the next hour or two. So lucky to have a hand guy like him around. He is a man of MANY talents!!
Grace & Zac giving each other a hug after opening each others presents!
Grace modeling her new soccer Bombers sweatshirt and her new soccer backpack.
She loves being on this team!!
And a final happy birthday song, cake, candle, wish and smile from Grace (finally 10) and Zac (the big 7). Love you both SO MUCH!!
Hope you had as much fun as I did on your birthday!!
xoxoxoxoxoxo mama

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larajanepark said...

I love you all! Such a wonderful family! Sounds like Zac & Grace had a perfect birthday celebration!