Friday, August 20, 2010

College Girl

Jeremy & I took Lex up to UVU this week. What an amazing time we had!
Bittersweet? Yes. Tiring? Yes. Amazing? Yes.
Tender mercies from our Heavenly Father? Many. Blessed? Beyond measure.
We unloaded and organized all day Wednesday. It was so fun to be there and meet
the other girls in her apartment (4 girls in a 4 bedroom apartment....lucky!).
It was great to meet the other moms as well. They are all great girls!
We had planned earlier for me to stay all day Thursday and help Lex with anything else she needed, but by Wednesday night I didn't want her to think that I had to stay or that I was being a meddling mama. So I told her I could go home with dad or stay and help
her or whatever she wanted me to do. She said, "I understand if you need to get home, but I really, really want you to stay tomorrow with me!" Seriously, that made my day.
And what a day we had. Since she will not have a car in college, we did everything (and I mean everything) we needed to do with my car. Shopping, shopping, UVU student id card, sports pass, bus pass, shopping, unloading, organizing, shopping, unloading and more shopping. This kid loves to shop, but even this was too much!! We didn't buy any chairs, decor or "fluff". We were just buying life's essentials. Shampoo, toothbrush, school supplies, food, ice cream, cheesecake (really, who can go to college without a little cheesecake??), etc. Her pantry, freezer and fridge space are all filled!
That makes me so happy.
They have a full kitchen, dining and living room in their apartment. Lex was the last girl to check into this apartment and got left with the last shelf in the pantry....which happened to be the top shelf. Now, you all know how short that kid is! She needs a two-step ladder to reach to that top shelf. Seriously it would make you really decide if you were hungry enough to want to get a snack!
We were worn out after so much busy-ness. But her room was completely done, the kitchen was stocked and organized and all of the school business was taken care of.
It was an amazing day!
Her cute bathroom that she shares with ONE other girl!
Organizing her bedroom, hanging up all of her many, many clothes!
She has a beautiful view of the mountains right out her window.
Her desk and all of her cute decorations.
Standing by the wall she decorated in her bedroom.
(oh ya, and in the third outfit of the day!...due to a massive rain storm and wanting to make sure all of those clothes she brought got worn!)
Either coming in or leaving her apartment.....#201........for the hundredth time that day!
Before I left to drive home, we drove over to her very best friends apartment, KENZIE's! She lives exactly 4.4 miles away (according to google) in apartment #301. She is going to BYU. It was great to see her and by the look on her face, (below) I think she was kinda excited to see Lex.
The picture me and Lex took as we were heading out to leave to Kenzies and for me to drive home! Look at that SMILE! Lex, you are beautiful, amazing, talented, smart, funny, friendly, and incredible. I have been thinking a lot lately that this must be a little bit how our Heavenly Father feels, sending each of us down to earth. I'm sure He said to each of us, "It is such an exciting time! You will do great. You are so ready for this. It is hard to send you off, but you must know that I will be thinking of you ALWAYS and I will ALWAYS be here for you. No matter what. On the good days and the not-so-good days, I am always here for you." I'm sure it was bittersweet for Him to send us off on our earthly adventure, but beautiful just the same. These exact words echo in my heart and mind as I sent you off to college. You will do great. You are so ready for this. It is hard to send you off, but our thoughts and prayers are with you always. You have etched a permanent place in my heart that can never be erased. We miss you and love you Lex!!
I love you forever and ever.
Love ALWAYS, mama


larajanepark said...

Oh you made me teary! Fabulous blog post my dear sister. You are such a great Mama. I'm so proud to be a part of your family. xoxoxoxoxox

miss lex: said...

ahhh mama you made me teary too! :) thanks for spending those couple days with me! and yes, as you loudly stated in costco, YOU OUTSHOPPED ME! :) congrats! hahaha. :) love you!!! xoxoxo.

Wendy said...

Oh this made me full out cry!!! I love you two and i am so glad that Kenz has a wonderful second family... thanks for loving her too!!! I loved this i still can't even write one yet...but soon thanks for being a great example...and family!! We absolutly love the Call's.. So fun to see them being so grown up!! but i have a empty space that still hurts..keep smiling so i can too!!! :)