Thursday, July 1, 2010


For Alexa's Graduation and my 40th birthday we went on the trip that we had been talking about for years! We had SO much fun!
I couldn't possibly post all of the fun that we had together,
but here are a few of the adventures we had.
My amazing traveling companion!
Oliver accompanied us on the trip. . . he just happens to be the new camera
Lex got for graduation. He was a good little traveler.

At the Pearl Harbor Memorial. Afterwards we made our way to the Flea Market.
It was a fun, busy, adventurous kind of day!!

Mostly, we LOVED chillin' on the beach. Reading. People Watching. Swimming.
It was amazing. I think we both read 5 books and several magazines in 7 days.
Ah, that's vacation for you!!

On the shores of Waikiki. We just can't seem to take completely normal pictures together. Ha.
We stayed at Gramma's condo, which is the building right behind the building in the picture!
The Catamaran! This was an AMAZING afternoon. If you ever go, make sure to sit at the front of the we are (above). We were drenched after the ride. It was a highlight of the trip!
Here we are (below) getting ready to go Parasailing. And (above) flying high over Waikiki.

And the boat driver thought it would be fun to dunk us in the ocean on the ride back in. It was a little cold, but refreshing! Notice our same faces!!

It was an amazing trip. Some of the pictures that didn't get posted, but we loved: The Noodle Shop at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Letters to Juliet....sneaking in our dinner, ice cream and late night movies at the condo, swimming in the ocean, long walks down the beach to the pink hotel, The Bus (ha), newlyweds from Utah, flea market finds, smoothies and brownies, shopping, Dayquil (boo for Alexa getting sick!), limo rides, 4 bottles of sunscreen and PLENTY of AMAZING, never-to-forget MEMORIES!!
love you Lex!
(my sadness about her leaving for college next month will be another post!)

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miss lex: said...

ahhhh, what fun we had :) i love you mama :) and you're such a good leetle blogger :)