Tuesday, May 25, 2010

graduation brings tears!

I'm not sure if I should LAUGH or CRY.
All kinds of feelings are surfacing about now.

My baby graduated today.
From kindergarten.
Zac was adorable in his kindergarten program.
He is so grown up and so ready for first grade.
It was a good day.

The day after tomorrow my other baby graduates.
My first born is officially DONE with high school.
How did she grow so fast??
I have enjoyed EVERY day she has been a part of our family.
We are going to miss her SO MUCH when she heads off to college.

So, although I have done very well leading up to this point...
the tears are beginning to flow.

Happy tears. Excited tears. Sad tears.
But mostly oh so GRATEFUL tears.
So thankful for such wonderful children, who have helped
me grow and learn and become the mother I am today.

I love you my two graduates!!!!

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girl said...

reading this post gave me the chills. you inspire me to want to be a mother. Your family is beautiful. thank you for posting.