Thursday, February 25, 2010

gracie girl

Grace Elizabeth Call
Grace was born on August 28th, 2000. Exactly three years to the day, her little brother, Zac was born. I have always said that they were supposed to be twins. But someone knew I could only handle one baby at a time and still be somewhat sane. So, Zac said to her..."You go first, I'll be there soon." And three years later, to the day, he did just that. Arrived on her birthday. Isn't that what every 3 year old girl asks for for their birthday?
A live baby to play with??
We LOVE Grace! She is so fun! She has a VERY competitive personality and loves playing sports. Her two fav's are basketball and soccer. She also loves to play school, dolls, house, Primary and do any kinds of art projects. She keeps us all in line by remembering where we need to be when. It's better than having a calendar! She is a very sensitive girl and we are so lucky she is ours! Below are a few pic's that tell you about her
life as a 4th grader!
Grace can rarely be found without her best friend Mikelle. They love sports, but are also into the 'girl stuff' . . . nail polish, hair done just right, and lots and lots of giggling!
Reading before she goes to bed. She's the top bunk, and underneath her is her "secret spot". It's not a bed, but a curtained in area where she has her treasures and things. Nice to have a place of your own, wouldn't you say?
Grace and Mikelle getting a quick dinner at Subway after their soccer practice and right before their basketball game.
These girls keep us busy!!
Grace is just like her two big sisters. . .wanting to look good for the boys. . .uh I mean look good for school. Ya, school. That's right.
She is her big brothers' #1 fan. Here she is cheering for Spenc at his basketball game.
She LOVES basketball herself! Here she is pictured with her team and Coach after their last game. She scored 18 of their teams 28 points. (pictured far right)
did I mention she was competitive?
love ya Gracie girl!!

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