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Christmas 2015 & January 2016

This is becoming quite a habit, only blogging a few times each year. I just tell myself that it is better than nothing. Here's the May 2016 update: We still live in Santa Clara, UT in the same house that we've been in for the past 16 years. Jeremy is a self-employed Architect and he's pretty busy. I am a preschool teacher and I love it. Graduation was this past week, so now I'm enjoying summer vacation. Grace is 15.9 years old. She is just finishing up her sophomore year at Snow Canyon High School. She has her drivers permit and a cute little white truck to practice on until she has the real deal (a drivers license that is!). She is our soccer lover and loves playing on her club team and the high school team - center defender is where she's at. Zac is finishing up the 6th grade, is in the 120% percentile for height and does great in school. He swims on the summer swim team and plays basketball during the year.
The Zurchers big news is that they are moving down here at the end of the summer to Little Valley and are currently building a new house. So exciting!! Miss Ellie is 3.8 years old (how oh how does the time go by so seems like she was just born!). Addison is 10 months old this month and is such a cutie (and a mamas girl!). We are thrilled that they will be closer to us! What a dream come true!
Erin is currently spending 4 months in Thailand teaching English at an amazing school through the ILP program. She has only been there a few weeks and spent a good part of the last week quite sick. She ended up in the hospital for 3 days to fight dehydration, but is doing better now.
Spencer is a student at BYU, but is currently working full time up north. He is a full time mattress delivery man and is also a manager at the Creamery. He's working hard to save up for school this fall. So now here it comes, the big photo dump!

CHRISTMAS 2015: There were just five of us for Christmas and it was so good to have Spenc home instead of skyping him in Canada!! We started out Christmas Eve with the good old Johnsons Arch hike, then Christmas Eve at the temple and a great Christmas morning. Memories for sure!



 December 27, 2015 brought our 25th wedding anniversary. I told Jeremy we were going out to dinner, but I secretly reserved a hotel room as well at the Inn on the Cliffs. The restaurant and the hotel were amazing. So blessed to have this man by my side for the past quarter of a century!!

New Years brought Brian, Lex, Ellie and Addie for a visit. 

 Ellie loves playing with the little people set that Aunt Erin got for Christmas long ago. So fun. 

 New Years Eve we had an amazing Cafe Rio style dinner, followed by an awesome, competitive (haha!) night of Minute to Win It games. Seriously, so fun! We randomly drew teams and then each team had a turn choosing a game to do (all of them were in brown bags, so you had no idea what you were choosing). And at the end of the night, can you believe that both teams TIED??!! How in the heck does that happen (see the scoreboard below!) So random!

 Like father, like daughter. Ellie was so into all of these games and wanted to do every one of them. 

 If I had to guess, I'd say that Uncle Spenc is having the most fun! :)

 Family photo anyone? Sometimes it's the best we can do!

 January also brought a couple soccer tournaments and the Klondike
campout for the boys. It was Zac's first Klondike and he got to bring his
best friend Kaleb. They survived the freezing cold!

 Vegas Cup in January is always a highlight. Grace and her
team played amazing and came in second place in their age group.
It was a girls weekend, so the two of us had a lot of fun! 

 The sunrises in the morning have been beautiful!

 We have good little vacuum fixers and soccer players catching up on life.
 Preschoolers write the cutest things!! 

 We trekked up north to go to the Provo City Temple Open House.
It was so beautiful, freezing cold and sooo snowy!
 We topped off the open house with some hot soup and breadsticks 
from Olive Garden. Oh so good! And Spenc, the lucky college kid
got to take home the leftovers. Mmmmm.

 It was far too snowy for us to drive home that day so we stayed and 
played (in the snow and games around the table at Grandmas).

 And here are all of the pretties helping Erin get ready for her date that night.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE having all of the family together. 
Nothing makes my heart happier!!
So thankful that families are FOREVER xoxoxoxo  

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