Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The year of random blog posts

Wow. I have not been good at keeping up on our family blog this year! I mean, I'm good at once-a-quarter updates, but that's about it. I will consider it a blessing anyway.

So here goes Oct, Nov, and December of 2015:

 Couldn't believe we only had TWO pumpkins this year!
 Gorgeous Gracie and Miss Ellie (all dressed up in her moms
old Halloween costume! Such a doll!)

 This guy helped me make birthday banners to send to 
Lex and Erin (bdays 2 days apart in Nov)
 Always fun to have a Young Womens pajama party!
 Love getting pics on my phone from these girls...
 We added a new member to the family...
meet....not sure his name yet. But he is an oolllld
grandpa kind of truck and he is awesome!
Grace is learning how to drive. Yay!
 These two boys had to cut down a couple trees. Sad day,
but it had to be done. They sure worked hard!
 Grace decided to move into Erins old room.
Yes, she is painting the floor - from pink to white.
 These college kids get spoiled with home cooked meals from
Lex and Brian. Happy birthday Lex!! Birthday dinners are best! 
 Happy 19th birthday to this spunky, happy, adventurous,
beautiful, spiritual, gem of a girl! We love you Erin! 

 Going for a drive in the out!
Love these beautiful family members of mine!
Me - 45, Erin - 19, Zac - 12, Grace - 15 
 Watching one of our most favorite movies....
Pride and Prejedice

 So fun having everyone home for Thanksgiving!
Erin was the first one home and she talked me into running
Johnsons Arch with her. (this is her running back from a quick
detour she had to make....) Needless to say, I wasn't as fast as
she was, but we did make it! It was fun! 

 Zac and his buddy Kaleb participated in the schools
Gecko-thon. It's a 12 lap swim, a 3-4 mile bike ride,
followed by a two mile run. They did awesome!!
Afterwards we celebrated with frozen yogurt. 
 (his dad is his biggest coach!)

 Way to go guys!! Job well done!!
 Then it was full speed ahead getting the baby chairs and 
sleeping spots ready for everyone...

 Erin enjoyed every minute of sunshine she could absorb!
 This is how we kill time waiting for the Zurchers to arrive!

 Family time is the best time!
 Addison is the happiest baby girl!

 Johnsons Arch hike again! We love the outdoors!

 Followed by good naps and happy babies!

 Family photos were my request...and we all survived!

 Games and snuggle time together. Sure love this 
amazing family of mine!

 The first annual Nerf Gun War.

 Love all of the handsomeness and beauty around here!

 All the while, Grace played in the Dixie Invitational 
and their team took 1st place in their division.
Yay Bombers Crush!

 We bought a tree (in record time) and got it decorated 
(with minimal trouble). Love these santas helpers!
 Ellie insisted on carrying Zac's scriptures to church on Sunday.
Such a cutie and so independent!

 Mirror selfies trying on clothes on a mom/daughter
shopping trip.

 Wait, wait...not ready. Ok..
 (we may or may not have died laughing while eating at
Chik-fil-a as we learned that the manager of the store
was Mr McDonald. Why was that soooooo funny to us??!!)

 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....
 Grace hosted an awesome friend Christmas party.
Such gems!
 Zac got in on the fun, too..
even if his ended up being some smashed Star Wars spaceship...

 Good bye Butter and friends! We donated our three chickens
to Jeremys friend who has two little boys. They were so excited!
 Love this so much!!
 Lex sent me this pic of Ellie by her tree,
so the next day I sent Ellie a pic of Gram by my tree
(I was already for our Preschool Christmas party day!)
Meowwy Christmas!! haha!

 These two showed up a few days early from their amazing,
fun, cold, hot-food-less college car road trip. 
They were happy they came on Gingerbread cookie night!
 Love these three guys!! 
  Erin has been working on projects since she got here! Today, while
watching the 6 movie Star Wars marathon with her siblings,
she added these darling flowers to her new socks. She is so talented!!
And 72 photos later, that's the catch up!!
I can't believe Christmas is in two more days.
We are so blessed to have this season to celebrate the
birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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