Sunday, September 14, 2014

Girls Weekend!

Girls weekend rocked.
The boys went to help Gramma Call move into her house this weekend.
Erin had to take the ACT and Grace has a SCHS soccer game, so 
I stayed home with them. We had so much fun!
Friday Erin worked and Grace played in her soccer game.
We topped it off with a dinner out to Pizza Factory.
It was so fun just talking and visiting and laughing our guts
out at Erin who always has funny stories and adventures to tell.

 We had to top off our dinner with suckers!
 Erin snuck off to the SCHS football game with her friends.
Grace and Livy hung out at our house and I went to Dorees to
work on Elder Calls missionary scrapbook.
Saturday Erin went to take the ACT. I cleaned. And cleaned. And did laundry. 
And cleaned. And the house is still looking clean! Miracle!
Grace and Livy went on a shopping adventure, hung out, then went off babysitting.
Erin chilled at home and then went rock climbing with friends.
Me? Oh man. Well I watched a Netflix movie Saturday night while catching up on 
some work. Then I put in "You've Got Mail" followed by "The Proposal" and
got completely caught up on Elder Calls missionary album!!! 
We miss the boys, but it has been so fun and relaxing to just be with the girls.
I wouldn't want it like this all the time, but it was fun to have a few days to
clean, get caught up on many things, and chill.
We're excited for the boys to come home tonight!

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Alexa Zurcher said...

So fun! Wish I was there too ;) ha! Love ya!