Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grammy Camp, Ellie Camp, and summer fun.

Our summer travels began last week.
As we drove up north, I heard from my dad.
He happened to be driving from Idaho to Arizona 
and we were about an hour away from him in southern Utah.
We took a detour and stopped at Beaver for a visit.
(Zac had just had motion sickness medicine before we
left home, so he was still waaay groggy)
Happy travels and a safe move to Arizona, Dad!
 The next morning we were up bright and early to drop off 
Erin and Grace (Call) for their flight up to Seattle / Grammy Camp!
Summer tradition never to be missed!
They were meeting up with cousins Wyatt, Kendon, & Chloe, Paris & Scarlett.
Gram, George, Aunt Lisa & Uncle Mark are the BEST!
Grace Walton came along for the ride, she was heading out the next day!
 These two.
 Tuesday morning was Take II at the airport.
Grace Walton was heading off to Japan for 2+ weeks.
It was so fun having her with us at Alexa and Brians house!
Ko-ni-chi-wa. Or however you say that.
 That left me, Zac, Lex, and Ellie.
When Zac got in the car next to Ellie, she was all smiles!
Saying she loooooves Uncle Zac is an understatement.

 Every time you get out your camera,
she smiles and says "cheeeese!"

 I got to do what Gramma's do best and sing & rock little E to sleep for her nap.
 But I forgot that before nap time I had put on a pot of pinto beans
to cook, so I could make refried beans! Ahhh, water overboiled over everywhere!
 That night, Ellie showed off her scooter riding skills. 
She's mastered that thing I tell ya!

She was practicing her photographing skills,
selfie of daddy! 
 The best family photo we could get while running around playing outside!
 Spending time with their family has been so fun!
 Can you believe this guy is about to start the 5th grade??

 Such a beautiful girl!
 Then we marched inside for a bath.
For some super awesome post-bath selfies go here! So funny!
 Daddy was teaching Ellie how awesome it is to watch baseball...
 We sent mommy and daddy out on a date, so she cuddled
with Zac for awhile. Then Gramma got to rock little miss to sleep again.
My favorite part of the day!
 Wednesday morning we woke up with the plan to hike Y mountain!
Ellie was an awesome hiker, but her favorite part was picking up roly-poly bugs.
 It was quite the work out climbing up that mountain!

 Look at Lex, taking photos...while hiking & carrying Ellie!
 Zac beat us to the top of every switchback by running up
practically the entire way. He is one fit kid!
 Hey, this is a good place for a snack break, right?? ;)
 We finally made it to the top of the Y! And look at that view!
 Nope, not snow! Just sitting on the Y that's all painted white.

 The four super hikers - a total of three generations.
Zac (almost 11), Ellie (almost 2), Alexa (22+), Amy (44)
Standing at the top of the Y
 We hiked down and decided to treat the kids to the BYU Creamery.
Who can pass that up?
First up, pic's of where we were right then, and where we had hiked to.
It was a good, long hike!

 Mmmm, that ice cream hit the spot!
 This Buzz Lightyear on my keychain, really came to the rescue.
 Miss E was getting a little worn out as we came down the mountain,
so I took him off my keychain and she held him the rest of the way.
He was a lifesaver!
 Thanks, Buzz!
 The hike was awesome, but being around this little sweetheart all day long is the best!
Erin and Grace are having a blast at Grammy Camp with their cousins.
I am heading up to Salt Lake tonight to join my ward youth for Youth Conference
and Zac is going to enjoy "Ellie Camp" for a few days on his own!
We are so blessed to have Lex and Brian here,
and even more blessed that they are letting us crash here for the next
ten days! More updates and photos coming soon!
Happy Summer!

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Pear Girl said...

that hike looks killer! But if Ellie and Zac can do it i suppose anyone can!! :) Yay Buzz!